Scene setting

Spent the day in a long meeting from 10 till 5. It was a scene setting meeting for out strategic planning in ten days time, so it was interesting and worth going to. It was long though, and my backside went to sleep at least three times.

Again the weather was superb and running in and back was lovely. I’ve been running slower this week than last, so I guess I’m fighting off an infection or similar. I ran back my times route in 29 minutes 35 secs, which is a couple of minutes longer than my best time. I did do it mainly staying under my target heart rate of 148bpm though (25 minutes under this heart rate is better then I normally do).

I spent half an hour on the phone to Christine to catch up on all the Easter gossip.

Watched Samurai Jack, the episode we watched wasn’t as action packed as normal—but the graphics were still stunning.


Lovely weather today and I really enjoyed the run to and from work in the sun. My hip is bruised from roller-blading but it’s the other that hip is sore for running?

Rebecca worked on 2005 page budgets today—it’s the sort of job where you can get almost any answer you want, predicting how many pages we’ll publish next year, based on submissions, rejection rates, special issues, article lengths and the trying to relate that to colour pages too.

Went straight to the gym after running. This was a challenge! In the future I’ll leave a bit of a break to stop my getting too exhausted. It as a night of chores, hung our some washing, ironed a shirt and them watched some more Blake’s 7.


Where has my energy gone! I managed to run to work and back, but almost everything else has been a struggle. I blame it on everything we packed into the Easter weekend. We’ve now got a lot of chocolate eggs and a lovely bag of loose chocolate from Adam’s parents. Probably enough to keep us in chocolate until next Easter.

Smelt the first barbecue of the year coming from a garden along the towpath by the river. It was 15°C so borderline for us to wheel out our barbecue—I wonder if the burner head is a heap of rust after the winter?

Spent ages getting this GBlog up-to-date after Easter.

Nice bit of beef

I felt a little rough after all the red wine, gin and curry. The home-made hot cross buns finally got eaten for breakfast and were much more edible toasted. We watched about half an hour of Supergirl with breakfast—it was dire! So dire it was fabulous! Supergirl goes from blond to brunette and changes clothes as she walks thought a wood, with a major transition behind every tree and the seventies set that the film opens with is fabulous.
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Chocolate noodles

We had a strange Chinese Noodles with a chocolate sauce for dinner. Now there’s something! It didn’t match the broad beans and left-over chipolatas that I added, but at long last the freezer is empty and defrosting, ready to be filled by a mega Easter shop.
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Lots of little jobs

I got a lot of little jobs finished at work today, which was quite satisfying.

However, I managed to loose track of a paper that I had to write for tomorrow and so I’ve ended up doing that at home tonight. It’s was a nice thing to write at home so that wasn’t a problem.

Running was hard work today. Running yesterday, then doing my legs routine at the gym, then running today has left me exhausted. Luckily I’m cycling tomorrow so I get a rest.

Comissioning day

Followed up on the IOM3 Congress meeting, inviting four Applications articles. This seemed to take all morning but I’ve already had a maybe from one of the people I invited. I also got confirmation from two people writing Feature Articles. The first positive impressions of the new performance review scheme are now becoming more critical as we realise how much discrepancy there is between the 100% rates for the jobs for quite similar positions.
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