Chocolate noodles

We had a strange Chinese Noodles with a chocolate sauce for dinner. Now there’s something! It didn’t match the broad beans and left-over chipolatas that I added, but at long last the freezer is empty and defrosting, ready to be filled by a mega Easter shop.

So that I don’t buy these noodles again (not that they were unpleasant) I want to remeber that they are called Nongshim Chapagetti. And this is what it says on the web—no mention of chocolate:

This product provides the incredible taste of the seasoning soup with the great taste of noodles. Only the finest ingredients are used including Olive oil and a blend of seasonings and most importantly the Chajang powder made from fermented soybeans and natural spices.

and from

Chapaghetti is a hybrid of spaghetti and Chajang myun. To prepare this noodle, simply boil the noodles for 3 minutes, drain the excess water and mix in the provided seasonings. The result is a delicious meal packed with carbohydrates and protein. The flavor is sweet, yet tangy, and will always leave you wanting more…

so I should be wanting more …

Tonight at the gym I concentrated on my back, shoulders and biceps. Lever row (40kg, but I’ll increase this next week), Lateral Raises (17.5kg), Dumb bell front raises (5kg), Dumb bell hammer curls (8kg), Preacher curls for biceps (10kg) and Lateral Pulley (55kg). At the end of all this, and every other routine I’ve got, I do sets of abs exerscises until I’m exhausted. Tonight it’s my arms that are exhausted—they feel like they still have weights tied to them. I got back about 9.45 and Michael had spent quite a bit of the time I was away fixing the network printing from the PC downstairs and I made him a celebratory banana milk shake now that he’s fixed it. There was a lot of icecream in the milkshake.

Booked up to go to an interantional photonics conference at the end of the month, which will take place in Michael’s Dept. That’s close to home! Good line up of speakers.