Comissioning day

Followed up on the IOM3 Congress meeting, inviting four Applications articles. This seemed to take all morning but I’ve already had a maybe from one of the people I invited. I also got confirmation from two people writing Feature Articles. The first positive impressions of the new performance review scheme are now becoming more critical as we realise how much discrepancy there is between the 100% rates for the jobs for quite similar positions.

Ran to work and managed this in under 30 minutes for the first time. I’m timing part of the route where there is no need to stop for traffic, so that run takes 30 minutes—the whole things 40mins. The run back wasn’t so nice, with a strong, cold, head wind and then heavy rain for the few minutes.

The New Zealand greenstone Maori hei matau (fish hook) that I bought from EBay arrived today. I’m really happy with it. It’s carved from dark green Arahura greenstone from the Hokitika region. It’ll make a nice present for someone. I left the seller some nice feedback on EBay—they sent a nice card with a Kia Ora message, which was fun.

Booked a room at Garlands Guest House in Edinburgh for our trip up there next month.

Went to the gym for a legs session. left as the gym closed at 10. We headed over the the Free Press for a quick drink—nice atmosphere. The Legs session looks like this: Leg Press (85kg), Hip flexion (35kg—I’ll do 40kg next time), Dumb-bell lunges (8kg), Calf raises (20kg—painful!), Leg extensions (40kg) and Leg Curls (65kg). My legs feel tired just writing this.