Day in Rugby with Christine & Adam

Visited Christine and Adam in Rugby today, loaded down with chocolate and hot-cross buns. Mum and Dad were there, but David had gone to Birmingham for the day to visit an Internet friend that he hadn’t met before. I’ll need to find out how that went!

Jessica and Lewis were a handful as ever, but were really sweet. Jessica had a dance game hooked up the TV and we all had a go at this, based on up and down arrows, The music and graphics were truly retro—amazing dancing girl with a red dress and blond hair, all in garish low-resolution graphics. Even granny had a go. Read a report in the Daily Mail from a journalist who had bought a Cambodian baby, as cheap as £500, up to double that if you didn’t have the necessary permission of the UK government to adopt. I’m not sure where I stand on this; the adopted children look to be orphans and hopefully get loving homes, but money is changing hands, people are making money from selling other people.
Jessica and I went roller-blading when the family went for a walk. I improved a whole lot over the half hour. I needed my wrist pads! I had a couple of out-of-control tumbles and probably have a lovely bruise on my hip now.

Christine and Adam’s garden is starting to look fantastic now it’s spring. Loads of clematis, some gorgeous snakes-head fritillaries. Christine had a healthy patch of violets and she gave me a pot full, which I’ll put in the mini-border under the purple vine.
Michael’s lying in bed beside me, in a Premier Lodge in Weedon. It’s a nice place and for tonight only £5! The hotel is called the ‘CrossRoads’. We had a lovely meal. Michael had chilli prawns with sticky rice, followed by skate wings and cannelli beans. I had a chilli crayfish salad, followed by a whole sea bream. All the fish was beautifully lightly cooked. The crayfish salad was the best thing I had. The beer was good too; Broadside was the special, and Michael had the Pedigree, both were lovely. Nicely kept Just to be macho I had mine in a jar, rather than a straight glass. I don’t think the macho image worked!