Easter Sunday in the CrossRoads Hotel

Skipped breakfast at the CrossRoads hotel and headed off straight for Bicester to pick up Elisabeth and then took her to Michael’s brother’s. There was a big egg confusion in the boot of the car; eggs for various people from Elisabeth, from us, from my family, all mixed together in the boot. I really had to think to work out what was going to whom.

Michael’s brother is really well settled in his new house—impressive after only two weeks. The house is bigger than his last one and it has great light and a secluded back garden, which will be great.

They made a great lunch, which itself was impressive after only two weeks in the house. They cooked for nine of us, a choice of a couple of mains and a few deserts. The nieces got on well.

We drove to see Barry and Adam in St Albans and caught up with all the gossip about mutual friends. We drank far too much red wine (still, less than a bottle each) and warmed up with a couple of nice strong gins. I paid the next day!