First flirt with blog

Spent a few hours this morning installing Blogmax—it’s a great package written for Emacs. Sadly it was the best part of the day that I spent indoors staring at the monitor.

Michael and I talked about having a stroll at 2, but then the rain came. By 4 it was looking good again and I brought out my pads and rollerblades for their first real outing. It went really well—no falls, no twisted ankles. I uncoupled the wheels once to go down the hill towards Midsummer Common; this avoided me veering into the houses to stop zooming down the hill too quickly.

Michael is sorting out the internet access, moving it from the UNIX PC to the new file server/gateway box, and at the same time installing SUSE to replace RedHat. Updated my reading list on the web (last updated in July 03!)

Stripped and cleaned and conditioned the waterbed today, but gave up on the idea of cleaning the house this weekend! Not a surprise!

Now up to the end of the second Blakes 7 DVD!