Nice bit of beef

I felt a little rough after all the red wine, gin and curry. The home-made hot cross buns finally got eaten for breakfast and were much more edible toasted. We watched about half an hour of Supergirl with breakfast—it was dire! So dire it was fabulous! Supergirl goes from blond to brunette and changes clothes as she walks thought a wood, with a major transition behind every tree and the seventies set that the film opens with is fabulous.

I felt tired and a bit crabby on the journey back from St Albans and it was great that Michael drove back. The weather was fantastic 16oC in the back garden when we got home, lovely sunshine too. I planted the violets that Christine gave me, under the purple vine in the tiny little bit of border. Hopefully the violets will fill that.

Michael ran to Baits Bite lock while I spend a lovely sunny afternoon in the gym working on my legs. This went much better than I thought it might after the roller-blading on Saturday.

Michael cooked a fabulous clay-pot beef, with garlic and red peppers. The sauce was really lovely and rich and the meat beautifully cooked. The peppers and garlic studded over gave it all a great flavor. We finished dinner off with some stewed rhubarb that Michael made on Thursday.

We watched the 3rd-last episode of (I think) series 4 of Six Feet Under—WOW! I’m really looking forward to seeing the next two episodes. This one was a little depressing—it started with three deaths—but the series is heading towards a cliff-hanger finish. (Just as well as I think they are up to series 6 in the USA.

Barry arrived at 10ish to stay the night before a business meeting in Cambridge on Monday.