Scene setting

Spent the day in a long meeting from 10 till 5. It was a scene setting meeting for out strategic planning in ten days time, so it was interesting and worth going to. It was long though, and my backside went to sleep at least three times.

Again the weather was superb and running in and back was lovely. I’ve been running slower this week than last, so I guess I’m fighting off an infection or similar. I ran back my times route in 29 minutes 35 secs, which is a couple of minutes longer than my best time. I did do it mainly staying under my target heart rate of 148bpm though (25 minutes under this heart rate is better then I normally do).

I spent half an hour on the phone to Christine to catch up on all the Easter gossip.

Watched Samurai Jack, the episode we watched wasn’t as action packed as normal—but the graphics were still stunning.