Reception in the Sheraton

Today wasDSCF2638.JPG a long, full day. Made some good contacts and commissioned a couple of reviews. We had about 60 people to our reception which was a good, but a bit disappointing given the level of interest. Fred Wudl came up for the day and gave a nice presentation. Him and Rachel Brazil and Dermot O’Hare and I went to Legal Seafoods for dinner, Had some amazing Prince Edward Islands oysters—one was HUGE!

Skype-out chat with Michael from Boston

Managed a quick skype-out chat with Michael this morning. The quality of the line and the volume aren’t great —I might pick up a travel mike to see if this helps. I wonder if my iSight has taken a knock? The audio pickup isn’t great.

With the help of a melatonin tablet, I managed to sleep through from 10–3, then dozed until 5.30, then up and about. Meeting Rob for breakfast at 7.15.

Virgin flight to Boston

Long day travelling to Boston for the MRS meeting. Boston’s as great as ever, with Christmas lights out and lots of bustle. The flight was about an hour late leaving Heathrow. I left home at 9, because the taxi firm recommended an earlier start because of traffic works. Ended up at the airport 5 1/2 hours before the flight left, and then it left an hour late (groan).

Watched The Island starring Ewan MacGregor, which was really good—very exciting, edge-of-the seat stuff. Ewan was also rather dashing in his figure-hugging lycra.

Ate at Legal Sea Foods in Copley Place, close to the Westin; plate of Cape-Cod oysters and a lovely slice of medium-rare tuna, with seaweed salad. Perfect.