Overboard: 2 hats and a pair of glasses

Left Gran Rey to go back to San Sebastian (both in La Gomera) intending to do a loop round the North of the island, and see the ‘Organ Pipes’. Sprung out from the harbour wall with no problems and headed out to sea, into a relatively calm area. As we came round the headland the wind came up and, deja vu, we were fighting with the boat to stay on course. We’d practiced reefing before we left, and immediately put a reef in. After about 5 minutes we had a vote and abandoned the route round the North of the island because the water there was going to be even choppier. We had 25 knots, gusting 40.

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Christmas comes early

Opened all our Christmas presents this evening. We started off thinking we might open only a few of them, but once we started we kept on going. We can’t take them with us for Christmas and it will be nice on Christmas day to be able to to chat to our families about what they’ve given us.

Michael bought me an super-difficult puzzle, that looks fiendish. I’ll save that for the New Year. He also got me an amazing three-volume set of stories which are modern retelling of ancient myths. It is superb and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

“The Myths Boxset: “A Short History of Myth”, “The Penelopiad”, Weight” [3 book boxset]” (Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson, Karen Armstrong, Philip Pullman, Philip Pullman)