Boat hire in Broxbourne

We took the train down to Broxbourne today to spent the weekend back in the Lee Valley (see our trip of last month) and picked up our 61ft long narrow boat from Lee Valley Boat Centre, called Jessie. By 4pm we had been to Sainsburys and stocked up for our three day trip. Michael made Saturday night’s meal last night (bolognese) and it came with us from Cambridge, deep frozen.

The boat is great, very smart inside and only a few years old. Dawn and John arrived around 4.30, after being held up quite a while on the M25. By 5, we set off and arrived at Dobs Weir by about 6. We travelled most of the way with Matt, the young guy from the Boat Hire company who showed us how to use the boat and who was rushing a boat up to Hertford for the weekend.

Going through a lockJessie

We moored up outside the Fish and Eels pub and had a very good meal there, and some IPA. Dawn borrowed a bowl of sugar, in exchange for showing the waitress around our boat tomorrow morning.