ICT Beer Friday

Tonight was the last night at the Beer Festival, organised by Matt Stiles from ICT at work. Matt and Rob were at the BF when it opened at 5, but ended up in a pub to avoid the queue. It was pretty busy, and the weather was great after a day of dull rain. (Invitation below, designed by Matt Stiles.)

I got there about 7 and tried some lovely beers:

  • Ufford Ales (White Hart Pub, Ufford, Cambridgeshire) Red Clover
  • Iceni (Ickburough, Norfolk) Maris Lane Bitter (I had this on Monday night and it is so nice that I’m surprised that it lasted the 5 days!)

Matt and Rob also bought me a couple of pints, but couldn’t remember what they had bought. Whatever they were, I enjoyed them. Tim arrived a bit later and it was good to catch up with him.

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