Pootling to Harlow

Our mooring next to the Fish and Eels was rather noisy: I think there is an overnight pumping station close by that pumped away all night. There was also a leak somewhere in the boat’s water system and the pump came on briefly every 10 seconds. Finally, there was a very heavy rainstorm that woke us all up! Surprisingly I had quite a good sleep.

Filling up the lock

We set of about 10 and pootled up the river, branching off East up the River Stort. There are quite a few locks on this stretch and we did 4 locks in 4 miles before lunch. We had lunch just east of Hundon Mill Lock, in a quiet shady stretch of the river. There had been bright sunshine all morning. But then when we stopped for lunch there was a brief rain shower and then it got greyer and greyer. We continued on after lunch and decided to turn around when we reached Moorhen Marina in Harlow. Michael turned the boat around in a space that was (clearly in retrospect) 61.5 foot wide—the boat is 61 foot long!). Faced with a poor forecast for tomorrow, we decided to get close to out starting point today, so we didn’t have to do a long day in rain tomorrow.

Dawn winchingOn the way downstreamEntering a lock

Found a lovely mooring for the night just past Roydon Mill Leisure Park. The forecast for tonight is for it to be dry, so hoping for a peaceful sleep. This was our second mooring. Our first attempt was on a soft bank and we had to walk the plank to reach the shore. John slipped and had his foot in the water, narrowly escaping complete immersion. So we continued on!

Michael made a great meal, using the bolognese that he made a few days ago and we had a stroll to look around the leisure park after dinner. Played Yahtzee for a bit, but after an active day we were ready for bed at 10.30!