Visiting Christopher & Matthew

Christopher & MatthewMet up with Christopher and Matthew in Colliers Wood and went out for the evening to a restaurant in Clapham called Gastro, which is a lovely french restaurant, with french-speaking staff and organic food on the menu. We were served by a dashing Australian waiter, who spoke French, and who was very friendly and physical. The oysters were fantastic, as were the foie gras, steak and scallops. Afterwards we went for cocktails at Kazbar in Clapham. It was a lovely evening so we stood outside to have our drinks. Christopher and I had to make a DIY gin martini from gin, vermouth and ice cubes. It turned out ok! This also saved the frantically overworked barmen a few seconds.

Koi Carp & Tadpoles

In the morning Christopher made a lovely breakfast and we spent a couple of hours in their fabulous garden admiring their Koi Carp (which is over a foot long now). I love this photo, with the carp surrounded by little black tadpoles (which it had been eating). Matthew spent a good 20 minutes trying to catch four little brown fish from their pond for us to take back to Cambridge. We brought them all the way back and they are now deep down somewhere in our water feature (which must be slumming it compared with the massive pond they came from.)

We picked up a lovely Civil Partnership present from Jan, Matthew and Christopher’s neighbour. She gave us a lovely card (of a red mountain scene, which looked Scottish) and two smart welded steel planters for the garden along with a pack of bulbs. We didn’t get to meet Jan on this trip—she’s away in Cornwall at the moment.

After we left Colliers Wood we tried to get to Adonis Art Gallery to look for Michael’s 40th birthday present from me (still not bought). On the bus on the way to Wimbledon Michael found out from the web site that the gallery was closed on a Sunday, so we diverted back to a direct route home.