Home alone (delicious)

Michael’s away at an AUT conference at the moment, so I’ve been kicking my heels. Played rounders on Wednesday night with colleagues from work, which was great fun. There were 16 of us in the end, which is the biggest team we’ve put together for rounders on Jesus Green.

Spent quite a bit of time last night moving all my bookmarks to del.icio.us which is a ‘social bookmarking’ concept and will let me use my bookmarks from my phone or any web browser. It also gives me the ability to add a tag cloud of my bookmarks:

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Had a great birthday, with lots of presents! Christine, Adam, Jessica and Lewis each bough me a book from my Amazon wish list (including the enticing’ Sell up and Sail’), and Nuala and Joel bought me Jarhead on DVD and a book that she recommends. David sent me some book vouchers and Michael got me a copy of T H White’s ‘The Once and Future King’, which I’m looking forward to reading. He also got me Jarhead, so that is being swapped from something else! Finally, Elisabeth got me a book and DVD, which was very generous.

Card from ElisabethMum and Dad sent me a birthday card from Italy, where they were on holiday last week. Apparently it took them quite a while to write

Ciao Graham, Buon Compleanno. Avere al Ottimo Giorno, Amare, Madre & Padre

which was lovely! I am having a good day. Elisabeth sent me a rather risqué card with a black and white nude model on the front, with his groin covered with a gold square and the writing—

The inside of this BIRTHDAY CARD shows the EXACT SAME PHOTO, only the gold rectangle has been REMOVED!

Card from workInside it has been removed, because there has been a hole cut into in the card. The excellent cards continue: one from ‘my husband’ and one from work that said

Graham had the body of an athlete… and the hairstyle of his gran

along with a picture of a 60’s bloke in his red underpants!

Despite having already celebrated my birthday by going to the Globe Theatre and then going away to the Peak District, we went out for dinner tonight to the Saffron Bistro in Hill’s Road for a curry. I had intended to have another vindaloo, but it would have been too rich and I’m interviewing all day tomorrow, so I don’t want to reek of curry all day long! I ended up having a spicy Pathia (Persian) curry that was very nice, except for the raisins in it.

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Both of us felt lazy tonight and we wandered along to the Golden Curry in Mill Road. Had my first vindaloo, very tasty. Not as hot as some of the dishes we ate in Thailand, so within my spice levels!

Tales From Ovid

Had a lovely evening at Jesus College watching the Marlowe Society’s Tales From Ovid based on Ted Hughes’s translation Tales from Ovid: Twenty-four Passages from the Metamorphoses. We arrived about an hour early with a picnic and a bottle of wine from last week’s rosé wine tasting.

The choreography was exciting, lots of action on the lawns of Jesus. I thought Phoebe Dickerson was very good (Minerva & other parts), as was Jenny Kenyon (Bacchus and Narcissus). Charles Arrowsmith was also excellent as was Ed Pulford. A lively woman from work was in the production: Daniele Gibney who is described in the programme as someone who

knows more about chemistry than in generally considered healthy.

(on stage I guess).

Tales from Ovid at Jesus CollegeMichaelGrahamTales from Ovid Jesus College

During the interval one of the cast lay unmoving in front of then audience, for about 20 mins. You can see her in the bottom right of the crowd shot I took from the third floor of one of the college buildings. Someone in the audience was a bit concerned about her well-being (she did such a good job of lying still) and went over to see if she was OK.

An extract from the Tales From Ovid web site is given below (not sure how long the web site will be around for).

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