One Year of Blogging

Today marks the start of my second year of blogging: I’m enjoying the photo-diary format and making the effort to take more photographs and capture events, large and small. My blog is getting roughly 250 hits a day from 50 distinct hosts: a lot of these are from search engine and from me!

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Christmas Pudding

Cycled out to Adsa for an early Sunday morning shop and came back with most of the ingredients for making Linda McCartney‘s Christmas Pudding: which is gorgeous. It contains brazil nuts, almonds and pine kernels which is fun. This year I’ve added a handful of dates. It took about 30 mins to put all the things together (most time was making the breadcrumbs) and stopping the spice mill from eating it’s (second) rubber seal in the grinder blades.

While the puddings were steaming Michael and I nipped out for a walk and ended up at the Free Press for a half-pint, which was lovely.

ZoneTag Photo Sunday 2:09 pm 11/26/06 Cambridge, England

ZoneTag Photo Sunday 2:09 pm 11/26/06 Cambridge, England” by GrahamMcCannCAM

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David and Heiko visit

They arrived on Friday about 9pm, after a long day in the office for David and a drive from central London for Heiko. Michael spent the day in bed having a relapse from his cold: still we mustered some champagne and pizza and had a jolly time.

Nipped out to the pub for last orders: David knows quite a few of the Free Press regulars through a friend who is an ex-regular (Ben). Drank too much beer too quickly and came home to annoy the cats with too much attention.

This morning David went back for a day at work and Heiko and I nipped out to the Fitzwilliam Museum. Heiko spent most of the day there (I think) but I just stayed for the exhibition Literary Circles: Artist, author, word and image in Britain 1800–1920. This used the museum’s impressive collection to illustrate the community of literary artists who were a great force in 1800–1920 and also their inspirations: it covered work by John Everett Millais, Elizabeth Siddal, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, William Blake, Samuel Palmer, George du Maurier, Max Beerbohm, John Keats, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Robert Browning, Algernon Swinburne, Burne-Jones, Thomas Hardy, Augustus John and Siegfried Sassoon. It was a fascinating exhibition: Sasson’s and Blake’s original works were a highlight as were the originals of Punch cartoons. I was particularly impressed with Edward Burne-Jones’ and William MorrisChaucer published by The Kelmscott Press.

It was really bucketing with rain and the forecast is for stormy winds of up to 75mph. We got soaked on blown about on our way to the Fitzwilliam Museum and it was still raining, more gently, on my way back home

Rainy Day in Cambridge

Rainy Day in Cambridge” by GrahamMcCannCAM

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De Profundis

Finished all I can read of De Profundis. ‘De Profundis’ itself is very impassioned and wonderfully written—

Hate blinds people. You were not aware of that. Love can read the writing on the remotest star; but hate so blinded you that you could see no further than the narrow walled-in and already lust-withered garden of your common desires. Your terrible lack of imagination, the one really fatal defect of your character, was entirely the result of the hate that lived in you. Subtly, silently, and in secret, hate gnawed at your nature, as the lichen bites at the root of some sallow plant, till you grew to see nothing but the most meagre interests and petty aims. That faculty in you which love would have fostered, hate poisoned and paralysed.

It’s the letter that Wilde wrote to Bosie when he was in prison and It’s well worth reading, as is The Ballad of reading Goal, which is a very moving and bleak experience of prison life—

The vilest deeds like poison weeds

Bloom well in prison-air:

It is only what is good in Man

That wastes and withers there:

Pale Anguish keeps the heavy gate,

And the warder is Despair.

There are some other selected poems in the collected writing in this book: I didn’t enjoy these. Nor the essays. I quite liked the concept of the ‘The Decay of Lying’ but found it too hard work.

“De Profundis and Other Writings (English Library)” (Oscar Wilde)

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Rotten cold and long train journey

Nuala and I took the first train from Stirling to Glasgow this morning and got picked up by Mum and Dad from Buchanan Street bus station (George Square was all closed off, resulting intraffic chaos). Spent a few hours with Mum, Dad, David and Nuala in Croftfoot looking at more photographs of the Russian holidy.

Now on the train from Edinburgh to Peterborough, feeling pretty rotten with a cold… Looking forward to getting home.

Awards dinner

Awards dinner

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Really enjoyed the day at the RSC General Assembly. Was secretary for Publishing Board from 8-12, then lunch. Then a couple of plenary lectures. Workshops in the afternoon on Communcating to members and International Strategy, the latter got quite passionate and heated.

The black tie (or kilt) awards dinner in the evening as a good do: champagne to star, nice meal, an OTT light show to acompany the awards, with music too: it was altogether impressive. My kilt went down well with the other delegates. About 30 awards were awarded.