A day on the stand

Raining a little today and had a slow start. Met Harutoshi at the stand and spent all day there, which was very useful, including meeting the Editor of the Chemical Society of Japan’s equivalent to Chemistry World. Sarah and Rob spent the day between an International Asian Sympoium (in English) and the Green Chemistry Symposium that Alejandra organised. Both seem to have gone very well.

In the evening we attended a reception for this event, that followed the same format at the reception last night. The band played supercalafrgulisticxbalidocious (which is a favourite in Japan) and the theme from Beauty and the Beast. They opened the beer earlier tonight but this meant that the RSC award giving was competing with chat from the delegates. The PCCP Award winners were very pleased with their prizes and I got some good photographs for RSC News.

We met up with the UK Green Chemistry delegates after the reception and 12 of us went back to the same Big Echo karaoke bar that went to on Sunday night. We spent about 4 hours there and made a lot of noise! We were party crashed by some local youths (about three times).

PassionKaraoke GatecrashersTambourine KaraokeKaraoke Machine (Madonna)

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    Were you singing Madonna? I bet you were!