Flying home

Up for flight and on the transfer bus at 8am, out to Kansai Airport. The runway is in the sea, which made for an interesting take-off. The flight was only half-full and we were lucky enough to get extra leg room seats at the start of the economy section + an empty seat between Rob and I, so it was very luxurious and almost felt like being in premium economy. Unusually, I managed to do some work on the flight on my laptop because it was so comfortable and because it was a daytime flight.

Sarah and I watched a film recommended by Rob: The Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey was very good. Managed a two hour snooze early in the flight. More work then another film. It was actually a very good flight.

We were half an hour late arriving at Heathrow and it took three hours to get home to Cambridge, across country becasue the M25 was at a standstill.