Feling a bit jaded after last night’s karaoke session, and it’s just as well that today is a quiet day. We had originally planned to visit Osaka City university in the morning and Osaka Prefecture in the afternoon. However, most professors take today off after the Chemical Society of Japan Spring meeting, so there would be few people there to visit and Professor Shirota had found it very difficult to find anyone who would be around.

After breakfast with Sarah, I worked in my room sorting out paperwork from the meeting and my e-mail box: still clearing messages received while I was in Argentina. I’ve just cleared the inbox, and know what I need to do next, so that’s a good start. Lunch was a bit gruesome: we wandered to the mall under the hotel and had pasta. My carabonara had a cheap cheesy sauce with lots of garlic.

Going to continue with e-mail and sort out expenses until about 4 or 5, when I’ll meet up with Robert and Sarah.