Karaoke Update

Rob went to bed earlier than Sarah and I last night. While we were having a nightcap in the bar at the top of the hotel, Rob was investigating karaoke bars with some of the students, none of whom knew what a ‘pub’ was. The karaoke bar turned out to be a private room with a sofa and TV.

Robert wrote that

With the prospect of my karaoke debute being only infront of such a small audience, I decided to maintain my dignity for a few more days in search of the limelight and more appreciative spectators. After trying in vain for one last beer I retired to bed only to spend the next 1 hour trying to understand the telephone instructions to ring internationally, a problem also encountered by more senior members of the travelling crew! On this occasion ‘international rescue were called and members of the hotel promptly informed Dr McCann that contrary to the room guidance of dialling “0” the actually code was 0 010 0410?