Lago Lácar Boat Trip

Bought a couple of ‘Patagonia’ t-shirts in San Martín de los Andes before heading out on a day trip around Lago Lácar, on a boat trip. The boat was quite big (photo below) and very well staffed, so the 20 passengers were very comfortable. Our first stop was Quila Quína, which was a lunch stop. Had a lomito sandwich and a lovely free orange juice with strawberry. There were a lot of wasps (grr!) and the waitress helped us to make little covers for our drinks out off napkins: very good trick!

On Lago Lácar

The boat passed by some impressive volcanic cliffs on the way to the Rio Chachín. We also zoomed through a narrow channel from Lago Lácar into Lagar Nonthué. We had a walk up the hill to the Cascada Chachín, which was an impressive waterfall, on a river than flows from Lago Queñi.

Cascada Chachín

Hua Hum Very narrow, shallow gap

Onwards to Hua Hum, which is very close to the border with Chile and the Paso Internacional Hua Hum. There wasn’t much to do there and the stop was only 30 mins and so we had a little walk along the lake, which was relaxing.

We returned through the narrow gap, and stopped at the lovely Isla Sta. Teresite, which is a tiny little island with a chapel. We had a very good guided walk around the island. The guide pointed out a lovely arrayán which grow in this area. There is a famous wood of them which we didn’t get a chance to visit when we were in Bariloche, so it was good to see an example. In fact there were many plants spread throughout the woods. The bark os the tree is very thin, and so the trunk is cold all year round with the sap flowing up from underground: I put my hand on the bark and it seemed to be true!

We had a snack on the way back to San Martín de los Andes. Really good, relaxing boat trip.

Lago Lácar Boat Trip

In the veening, after a rest, we went to Ku restaurant and were lucky to get a table in the place. The atmosphere was great: ski lodge with lots of dark wood. We had empanadas to start which were very nice and venison for our mains, which was a bit tough but then venison is! We had a local ‘Old Smuggler’ whisky in out hotel bar, which certainly put me to sleep after sharing a bottle of malbec for dinner.

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