Met Alejandra for breakfast in the Japanese restaurant. We had a pretty intense and large rice and fish-based breakfast. I met up with Mark, Sarah Rob on the platform of the Hankyu Railway out to Kansai University. They were heading to sessions and I was meeting up with Harutoshi on the stand. He and I headed out to Osaka University to meet four librarians to discuss contracts and pricing: I was there to add gravitas to the discussion what was almost totally in Japanese. Harutoshi started of the meeting by talking solidly for 20 minutes, interspersed with explanations for me. It was these that stopped me dropping off to sleep and after 20 mins of listening I was really fighting to stay awake. I was able to help out with some technical and policy issues.

Spent more time on the stand before going to the Chemical Society of Japan reception for about 200 of the 9000 delegates. The reception started with an orchestra that played James Bond themes and the Carpenters: in a solemn way. We then had speeches, including a fantastic speech from Richard Pike in Japanese. There was an audible ‘wow’ from the audience when they realised that it was more than ‘Good Evening’ and this was a big hit with them. In total the music and speeches took a little over an hour! Finally the beer was opened and we could eat the food we’d been standing by all this time. The beer was opened for a toast and I had (rudely) drunk most of mine unconsciously before the toast.

CSJ reception, Kansai University

After the reception there was more talk of karaoke, but the English delegates would all be speaking at a Green Chemistry Session the next day and jet-lag had taken it’s toll too. We retired to the hotel bar and had an early night (12.30!). Rob ordered some beef to cook on hot stones, whih had smelt lovely when others had it on previous nights. The white lumps weren’t tofu but lard to coat the stones with before frying the beef, so it got rather smokey!

Chef for the night Hot stone beef