In the late afternoon we popped out to the Daimaru and Yodobashi Camera Department stores. The first is located in the first 13 floors of the same building as our Granvia hotel and the second was about 10 floors of mostly electronics. These are mega shopping centres. We bought a few gifts, including lucky cats for our desks at work. Sarah has so many that she’ll need to give up working soon to concentrate on spending all her new fortune. In the evening we met up with Richard, Alejandra, John and two of the delegates in a tonkatsu restaurant which was very good. This was on the 13th floor of the hotel, and we had to use a special elevator to reach it as it was outside of the ‘hotel restaurant collection’ and a lot cheaper too!. We learned that one of the UK delegation had eaten a dodgy prawn last night and had to make an emergency trip to the loo in a temple. Only to discover there was no toilet paper. So they had to unwrap a present they had bought for their partner and use the wrapping paper (ouch). When this ran out all that was left was 30 of their business cards, which made very useful scrappers. Being quite made of stiff card they blocked the toilet and also identified the culprit! They should expect an e-mail from the cleaner shortly!