Easter Sunday in Long Lawford

Collected a hire car yesterday morning (Golf) and the only thing I used it for was some trips to Waitrose, Scotsdale and B&Q! I set us a new worm composting bin, of much better design than my old bin that I haven’t used for seven years. The new one is based on a Addis kitchen bin. I bought some Dendrobaena worms in an angling shop in Arbury for £2.50.

Today, I drove around to Christine and Adam’s in Long Lawford. Mum and Dad and David were also visiting. We had lunch at the Old Smithy in Church Lawford.

Mum and Dad David, Lunch

Then looked at some of my photos from Argentina and Japan, before Adam, Christine, Jessica and Lewis and I went out for a relaxing walk for a few of hours to Church Lawford and over the river Avon. It was another great day, and we saw a couple of children swimming in the river!

Swimmers, Church Lawford P4080009 Shire horse and Cement Works, Long Lawford

Christine made a good buffet supper and the kids enjoyed some of their easter eggs.

Jessica Easter Egg Lewis, Easter Chickenpox Egg

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Cambridge: The Hidden History

Very good chapters on the Cambridge Fairs, which were the largest in the UK at one time. The history concentrates on the city, rather than the university, which refreshing. There are interesting parallels with today. Several parts of the book deals with how the green spaces (Midsummer Common, Coe Fen, Parker’s Piece, the Backs) all came into being and how they were affected by enclosure. Many of the Green spaces were kept common land through the protest and work of the townspeople, asserting their rights (to graze their animals). There is still a struggle over land usage. Christ’s Pieces Residents Association are campaigning at the moment to stop the Emmanuel Street Bus Station extending further onto Christ’s Pieces.

“Cambridge: The Hidden History” (Alison Taylor)

Good Friday

AnotherSarah and Joe gorgeous spring day. Had a late BBQ lunch with Sarah, Jason and Joe, who put a lot of effort into the lovely meal, with home-made pesto and lovely beef steaks. Joe enjoyed his ice cream cone. The temperature was about 16°C but still warm enough for us to sit out in the garden until about 6.30.

One the way home it was good to see some cows in Midsummer Common. I don’t know where they spend the winter.

Sunset Midsummer Common

Sunbathing weather

A really amazing spring day. It was over 20°C and bright sunshine. Luckily I had today off work (after Japan) and sat in the garden reading, which was very relaxing. Wandering across New Square, I enjoyed the sight of people sitting sunning themselves on the grass, amongst the daffodils.

New Square

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