Go Ape

Cycled out to meet Carol and John at their house in Minerva Way to get a lift to Go Ape at Thetford Forest, arranged by the RSC Sports & Social Club. Met Sarah Harrison there, the organiser and 10 other people all at ready to Go Ape. We had a 10am slot and good training on how to use our three attachment points, two karabiner and one zip (flying fox) arrangement. The training was pretty quick but thorough and before long we were practising on a very low-level course.

Sarah (2 Apes)Sarah on the tarzan swingMichael swings by

The pictures speak for themselves: the day was lovely, and the sun was shining and we were in the woods. We started off low and worked our way up to higher and higher courses. Five in all. The fourth course had a high tarzan rope swing that quite a few people found scary because of the big drop from the platform, then a good, long swing into a spider net, followed by a scramble to the next platform. I found the trapeze-style swings more tricky because I had to look down all the time. Some of the rope ladders were long and went rather high, and some of the platform were rather narrow! We finished at 1, exactly on schedule. I was the last through the course, and by then the 13 of us had spread out over a 15 minute period. We had a sandwich and chat before heading back to Cambridge. It was great morning and I’d do it again! (Soon please!)

More photos in a Flickr PhotoSet

Graham swings free Group Photo at Go Ape