Sins of the Cities of the Plain

An entertaining read, this was written in 1881 and subtitled “The recollections of a Mary-Anne”. It’s not s literary masterpiece, but if goes to show that things haven’t changed that much when it comes to sexual adventure. It did introduce me to a new (old) word Gamahuche.

“Sins of the Cities of the Plain” (Jack Saul)

Mots Pluriels Winn:

To invoke the tradition of gay male literature of the period is to further substantiate claims of the existence of a certain (stereo)type of individual, whose homosexuality was recognisable by his particularly effeminate or dandified appearance. In Britain the first text of such note is the Sins of the cities of the plain [1881]. This disjointed and sexually explicit tale purports to be the autobiography of Jack Saul, a London prostitute who was later to give evidence in the Euston libel case of 1890, part of the Cleveland Street brothel scandal. Much in the narrative seems exaggerated; the sections that deal with the many and various sexual encounters seem to endow the protagonists with almost superhuman lusts. Although extensive in kind, Saul’s sexual experiences—which include transvestism, bondage, flagellation, fellatio and sodomy—are almost exclusively male-to-male and adult in nature.