The Golden Compass

There was only about a dozen people in the Arts Picture House tonight to see the Golden Compass. All the elements were there for a good film, but something was lacking. The plot seemed to move from once scene to the next without any conviction and there probably wasn’t enought time to do justice to the complexity of the book. I loved the Bear, and I really loved how the daemons were portrayed, so much so that I got my own daemon from the film web site! She’s a raccoon! Overall, a fun film that captured some of the spirit of the book, but without the heart.

  • Tony Gray (via Facebook)

    Good review, I still want to see it. I got my own daemon 3 months ago before the film came out, but I lost her! Must get another one, very careless of me… does that mean I lost my soul?

  • Graham McCann (via Facebook)

    Thanks, what sort of soul have you lost? My first one was a bee, which I liked, which reflected my intelligence. But, when I retook the questions that bit dropped off and I became a raccoon!