Arrived in Hyderabad

Lovely Dosa Marsala for breakfast before my Kingfisher flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Alejandra and Ray got a later flight. Arrived in Bangalore in good time, but then had a crawl across town to get to the hotel, Le Meridien . Rushed through check in and a quick freshen up in the hotel (it’s a lot warmer here than in Hyderabad). Got met by Mr Ravi, the chauffeur from Molecular Connections who drove me out to their offices. Was met by Krishnaveni, Mr Jignesh’s PA, who was waiting for me with a bunch of flowers, which was lovely. I was whisked up stairs to inaugurate a new roof-top terrace on the building. I was daubed with a red spot on my forehead and then lit a five-wicked lamp, surrounded by chrysanthemum petals. Then was wrapped in a silk shawl and cut the ribbon to the Terrace, stepping over with my right foot first. The terrace is very nice, and will be the focus of the company. I made a quick speech. We had a short tour of the building and then met the main managers, before I inaugurated a couple of posters, cutting the ribbons again! Great fun.

Graham cloak

Molecular Connections


Had a very good presentation from the chemical team, covering some recent projects. All were very impressive and knowledgeable. As I left, I was presented with a framed photo of my inaugurated of the terrace and my shawl in a nice box! All quite overwhelming. Great visit. In the car for 4.30 again and headed back to the hotel. Met up with Alejandra, Ray and with the members of the UK delegation for the 2nd RSC–CRSI Symposium on the Chemical Sciences. We went for dinner with other speaker at the Jawhar Visitor Centre at the Indian Institute of Science. This is one of the lovely guest houses. We met Prof Maitra and Prof Chandrasekeran, who were hosting the meal. It was a lovely evening on the lawn, mingling with the speakers.

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