Arrived in Hyderabad

Alejandra and I were picked up at 9.30 in the morning to go to Heathrow, flying BA to Bangalore and then Kingfisher onto Hyderabad. The whole journey went very smoothly.  We met Ray Jones on the plane and had good seats that meant we had a good, straightforward journey. Watched The Darjeeling Ltd., which was enjoyable but a dark comedy that played with my head on a flight, and also the much more straightforward Run Fat Boy Run. Yet more Simon Pegg, being, Simon Pegg. Tried some cryptic crossword from the Guardian… not a success (yet!). We had five hours to kill in Bangalore Airport, an hour of which was spent waiting for the baggage to arrive. It was as if one person was unloading the whole plane. We holed up for 4 more hours in the restaurant and had some dosa, idly, vada and  uttapum: the dosa was particularly nice! Also had breakfast on the Kingfisher flight to Hyderabad, that wasn’t so nice. I struggled to stay awake on this flight and it was only a Cartoon Network show of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends that kept my eyes open.

 We’re staying at the Kakatiyain Hyderabad, which is very nice. We checked in on the 16th floor, where we have a little desk. I haven’t worked out what the deal is with that yet. Hyderabad was lovely and sunny, clean and bright.  I’ve had a couple of hours dozing to help get over the worst of the travel, and meeting up with Ale and Ray in three hours. So some time to get John a few things that he wanted for a paper he’s writing and to get sorted out for tomorrow. A couple of shots from the hotel.

View from my room in the Kakatiya, Hyderabad Pool view from my room in the Kakatiya, Hyderabad