IICT, Hyderabad

Slept until 3, then dozed until 5, then up and cleared some e-mail and had a chat with Michael online , he was staying up late. Met Alejandra and Ray for breakfast at 8. We were aiming to get a taxi at 9, to visit Avra Laboratories about 9.30. We didn’t get into the taxi until 9.10 because of the complications of booking it in the hotel. Then, to make things even slower, the taxi driver got lost four times despite two phone calls to Avra’s. The route there was quite difficult though.

We had a very interesting hour at Avra’s, then Ray and I left at 11 to go over to IICT for a lecture and tour of the lab. Our taxi driver managed the journey okay that time (we had passed the site the way to Avras).

We had a great welcome at the IICT. Dr Kunwar was a very warm and friendly host, as was the Director, Dr Yadav. We gave our RSC lecture to about 25 staff and had a very good discussion led by Dr Yadav, who was a strong facilitator for the group. We had a good lunch and then a tour of the labs which were excellent. I forgot to take any photographs of this lab tour, which is unlike me. The library is good and we met the staff there.

A department car took us back to the hotel where we met up with Alejandra who had been visiting a different company on the North of the City. Started writing our trip reports over a beer and then dinner in the hotel is a different restaurant specialising in Dashkin, Southern Indian cuisine. The meal was good, but not as good as last night.

  • Uralai Kelangu Podimas (Aubergine in a tamarind sauce-quite bitter)
  • Kothimiri Vankai Koora (Potatoes I think)
  • Cauliflower Melagu Perratti (spicy cauliflower)

all with appam, puri and porotta breads. The puri were very good and the appam freshly made in the restaurant. After two nights of almost no sleep I’m now pretty shattered!

Dakshin Restaurant, Alejandra, Graham and Ray