Institute of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad

Jumped in a taxi very early to go out to the first anniversary celebrations for a new Institute of Life Sciences at the University of Hyderabad. It’s an intersting place. We were guests of Dr Reddy’s Lab, who have funded the institute and we were made very welcome by Prof. Javed Iqbal, the director of the ILS. The building is very impressive, and is already being extended even as it people are moving in!).

Institute of Life Sciences, Graham, Ale and Ray Institute of Life Sciences

We left at four to make our way back across town to do a bit of sightseeing. Our taxi driver, Mr Somi Reddy, was great and stayed with us the whole day. He was a bit stubborn about where we should go though!

The Charminar

Apple stall beside the Charminar Alejandra, Ray and Graham the Charminar, Hyderabad Grape stall near the Charminar

First of all we went to the Charminar gate, in the middle of a great, lively market. The Charminar was beautifully lit, and I enjoyed walking around the market that sold lots of fresh fruit all around. We really only had time to stop and take a few photos, but then walked up to the Mecca Masjid. We had a look around the temple and went inside. Had a rather dull tour of some tombstones that were all the same and then got fleeced for money for the poor. The temple was impressive.

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad

We went to visit a hindu temple. It was really lovely on a hill overlooking the city and very peaceful. We couldn’t take cameras or phones in so we left them with the taxi driver (It was amazing how many we had!) Ray had mentioned something about pearls and the taxi driver dropped us off at a jewelry shop specialising in pearls. We got a pleasant but predictable hard sell (the only one of the day really). I looked at pearl/silver sings for Michael but they were pretty tatty. Both Alejandra and Ray bought some small pieces.

We finally went to Necklace Road, a famous road in Hyderabad. The lake is a bit stagnant and a bit smelly! We ate at Waterfont, on Necklace Road which wasn’t as good as our hotel, but the view out of the window was nice. Had a good South Indian meal.