Went for a couple of hours skiing to Xscape in Milton Keynes.Xscape Milton Keynes It’s a large ski indoor ski slope with three runs, and artificial snow. The runs are really good and I managed quite a but of speed, if not style! I left with a good realisation of how stiff I am. Vit and Jay are going to Italy next week to ski/snowboard, and then Michael and I are going to Austria, so the practice was welcome. The journey there are back in the dark and with heavy rain was pretty dire.

Matthew’s 40th Birthday

We went down to South London last night to go to Matthew and Christopher’s New Year party at their house, and to celebrate Matthew’s 40th birthday. We had a great night, with an impressive firework display at midnight from Jan, sparklers and champagne. Christopher made an amazing spread of food and all the guests had a feast with that. Michael finally got introduced to Wii, and we played bowling and golf until 4am. I still had my WiiMe from last time I visited!

Today we had a lovely brunch before heading back to Cambridge. We had 40 mins to kill at King’s Cross and popped across to St Pancras to look at the renovated station (very smart) and Europe’s longest champagne bar (not today thank you!) I fell asleep on the train back to Cambridge.