Had a couple of hours doze this afternoon then did some work. Met up with Alejandra and Ray in the 16th floor for a drink at 6pm. Tried some Sula wine which was very nice (and reasonable price) and then headed off to Peshawri restaurant in the hotel. Described as “World famous for its North-west Frontier Cuisine. The ambience is decidedly rugged and you can even watch the meal being prepared”. Not sure about the ‘rugged’ but it was relaxed and the vegetarian food was excellent. Had great cauliflower tandoori phool, delicate biryani and lovely breads, also a lovely black lentil dhal. The hotel is fiercely airconditioned and I had to wear my fleece when I was out of my room. Bbbrr!

Ray and Alejandra 2, Peshawri

In the photo Alejandra is sporting the lovely, fetching apron/napkins that were part of the rugged theme of the restaurant. They were potentially a very good idea as we were eating the meal with our fingers.