Another beery night

Went up to Manchester with Harp today and we got back to Cambridge just before 5. So Michael and I were able to get to the beer festival nice and early. We met up with quite a few people tonight: Dave Bardwell, Graeme Robertson, Marcus and Richard. It was a lovely bright evening and not as cold as monday: some more time to relax. 408.png

Graham tried:

  • Cambridge Moonshine, CB1 Best Bitter, 4.2%, which was a bit nutty and a bit hazy in flavour.
  • Concrete Cow, Cock n Bull Story, 4.1% from Milton Keynes. It was ok,
  • Cropton, Endeavour Ale, 3.6%, which was fruity and refreshing
  • North Curry Brewery, Red Heron, 4.3% — I was really keen for a red beer, this was good but not red!

Michael tried:

  • Reinart Tripel, 9%, from Belgium
  • A few other beers that I can’t remember!

More nice cheese and pork pies, and this time an intense chilli sausage to blow our heads off. Excellent.

  • Michael

    I started with Tydd Steam Brewery’s Swedish Blonde, very tasty; Hopback 21 which was disappointing; Robinson Double Hop, lovely flavours and colour; and finally the Reinaert Tripel.