I’m going home

Slept remarkably well above the large party last night. Met Neil and Jonathan for a leisurely breakfast and then packed to leave at 11.00 after sorting out some e-mail things at work. The driver arranged by the British Embassy didn’t arrive at 11, and when I got though to him it turned out he’d been told to pick me up as 12.00. This was okay and I had an entertaining journey from Águas de Lindóia to São Paulo airport—the driver did a lot of talking and was very entertaining and intelligent company. We made it to the airport by 2pm, which was fine for the 4.20 departure. Super-fast check in and security and I was having sushi for a snack before I left, along with an empanada since it was there. Bought a couple of bottles of cachaça for making my very own caipirinha (they look dead easy to make!). I was mooching around the other duty free shops when I was lured into buying a new briefcase because of the good exchange rate with the dollar and the good price at duty free: bought a Tumi Briefcase Tumi briefcase in full leather, which is rather lavish, but very, very beautiful and well made. I still feel guilty!

The flight back went by quite quickly. The entertainment system was broken and we were offered 10,000 airmiles as compensation. I thought that this was very generous as we still had some access to movies. I sat through the Golden Compass and Narnia, both of which I’d seen before but it was comforting to see them again. i suspect I won’t get my airmiles as the cabin crew who took my form shoved it on a shelf out of the way!