BBQ Weather

Michael and I threw away our old BBQ last weekend, which finally gave up after 10 years of faithful service (I bought it for my 30th birthday party). Predictably the weather has been wonderful since. So, I was in John Lewis for 9am this morning to buy a replacement. Got a Weber One-touch Gold kettle BBQ this time. I was impressed that all the bits and pieces that I bought at 9.15 were available from pickup at 11am from Trumpington. Dumped the box and some shopping from Waitrose into the house and zoomed down to the Riverbank Club, where I spent the next five hours, lounging in the sun. Very relaxing, with some red wine and sushi-wraps for lunch. Michael joined me for 30 mins for lunch, having a break from the Rohan stock-taking that lasted till 7pm. The river was lovely and warm (for May!) and I had a great swim up to dead man’s corner after lunch.

Our new BBQIn the evening I assembled the BBQ, which was easy, and then had marinated lamb chops ready for 7pm, and the grand lighting. That could have gone better (I should have read the instructions!) but it all worked well and we had a great meal with some rose wine. Its going to take some time to getting used to waiting 60 mins before eating: it took 30 mins with the old gas BBQ we had before.

The garden is looking lovely at the moment. The vines are shooting and there are six little bunches of flowers on the edible vines that Liz and Chester gave us. Our Nelly Moser clematis is just starting to flower, but the Solomon’s Seal is stealing the show at the moment—it’s getting bigger and better each year.

Solomon's Seal

Bank Holiday Family Weekend

Visited Elizabeth in Bicester yesterday and we went to the Trigger Pond in Bucknell for lunch. Last time Elizabeth went it hadn’t been very good—it’s been taken over now and smartly decorated with a new conservatory so we thought we’d give it a go/ The menu was good, but the sour-faced owner was a bad start to the meal, after waiting 25 mins for easy-to-prepare starters to arrive. The mains were lovely though and redeemed the meal. I don’t think we’ll rush back. Elizabeth found a few easy chores for us to do around the house.

Met up with Tony in the evening and had a easy salad and pate dinner with some nice bread and wine. He was quite tired after finishing an exhibition at Olympia and we were tired after a bad nights sleep because of a (rare) party next door in Grafton Street. So it was relatively early to bed. Hannah arrived at eight the next morning and kept us well entertained. I was impressed by Tony’s iMac and TV set up as an entertainment centre.

Boys Toys

Drove over to Bicester to visit Christine, Adam and my mum and Dad who are visiting Long Lawford. We had a nice lunch in the Old Smithy in Church Lawford, near their village. Back at their house, we played with the rabbit, Fudge, in the garden in the glorious afternoon. The daft things was chasing a towel round and round on the spot: but sensible enough it kept changing direction to stop itself. The kids were rolling blading and we had a few games of swingball.

Mum and Son

Michael and Christine

MP3: Jessica and Lewis

First Riverbank visit of 2008

Michael and I made out first Riverbank Club visit of the year: the water was a chilly 11°C so we didn’t go in for a swim. But it was lovely to see the regulars and to lie in the sun out of the wind. It was a lovely afternoon, with good sun. Had a picnic with nice salads and bread, and tried to read my book without falling asleep lying on the grass!