Party night at the SBQ

Had to phone room service at 5am to order an emergency supply of water to slake my thirst! That will teach me for having three caipirinha. Had a couple of successful meetings with colleagues at the SBQ, and lunch and dinner followed the same buffer format. There was a special buffet selection of Feijoada Brasileira which is a black bean stew with dried pork. It was quite strongly flavoured and the pork tasted like it had been dried over a very smoky wood fire for weeks: it was black with smoke. It was good to try, but not as good as the regular beans we’d been having with rice.

The highlight of the day promised to be an evening party, from 10pm in the large Sala Real, At 10pm, I was the only person in the room and I quickly got fed up with being this untrendily early. Found Simon, Jonathan and Neil in the bar (drinking caipirinhas of course) and we stayed there until about 11ish. The party still hadn’t really got going even by then, but there was a large crowd in the room waiting for the live band to come on stage. By 11.30, I’d had enough waiting, and Neil and I both headed off—Neil had to give his plenary lecture the next morning. Jonathan hung around hoping to catch the first song, but failed and went to bed shortly after. The party went on late into the evening!

Jonathan and Neil

SBQ Party