SBQ Meeting

Awoke to the loud howling of a pack of dogs, which was a bit freaky. It sounded like they was a prowling around the hotel, baying for blood. I was safe on the 6th floor! Spent 90 mins finishing the minutes for PUB to e-mail them off before breakfast. A nice breakfast buffet with Neil, Jonathan and Christina. She was very helpful in getting my missing registration pack and badge and so I could now be scanned into talks in the Sala Real. The programme for the meeting was all in Portuguese, although we did learn yesterday that there were 26 foreign speakers and so there were some lectures we could understand. Jonathan gave his talk in the massive Sala Real, and his talk was very good. The room could have held all 2,500 delegates (and was set up for 2000 the night before) and luckily the organisers had reconfigured the room for the talks, so it was more cosy.

Jonathan, SBQ, Brazil

Lunch, then tried to meet with Celso, our book rep in Brasil. I got a bit of an earful from him about arrangements and then found out that none of our material had arrived. Eventually tracked the stuff down to customs via our importers head office and they said that they wold try to get it released and delivered tomorrow. (I think the same thing happened last year too).

Went to a few lectures in the afternoon and tried to meet up with some people from the SBQ. Finally managed that at 16:30, which was in good time to have the meeting and then go to the poster sesion. This was amazing: The hotel is a massive, sprawling complex. Neil put it well when he joked that they had built the rooms and then wondered how they would connect them together. It’s all a bit large, brutal and disorganized. The poster session was up the triangular spiral ramp, and along the zig-zag walkway up the side of the building, where you reached the car-park floor (just like a floor on a multi-story car park) This is where the poster session was held, and it worked really well. They Brasilians are mad for their posters. Lots of chat and noise and hugging—a big family affair.

Aguas Hotel

Hotel Monte Real Resort Spiral Ramp, Hotel Monte Real Resort

Enjoyed some jelly at dinner tonight, which seems unusually popular in Brasil. Enjoyed a few too many caipirinha in the bar, this evening with the addition of Richard and Simon.A few too many was three!

Jelly Buffet

  • Tony

    Never had a caipirinha… what’s in them, and what do they taste like?

  • Graham

    They are like mojitos, without the mint. What’s in them: lots of cachaça (which is a sweet sugar-cane rum), muddled with a sliced lime and a teaspoon of sugar. Topped up with ice. They taste of lovely limes.