Skiing Balme

image278018626.jpgMichael and I met Vital, John and Jay by their hotel and we got the bus from Chamonix Sud to Le Tour to go skiing in the Balme Area. The bus was rammed and it was quite unpleasant long journey in full ski gear. The skiing on the Domaine de Balme (2270m) was great. Some groomed peaks and lots of off-piste skiing. We skiid on the Arve and Col runs, and then on the red Ecuries run. Made a couple of traverses across the Liason Balme to get to the TĂȘte de Balme. Lunch at the restaurant on Aiguillette, where we had to have a table outside because the restaurant was tiny! We all had lots of cheese on our lunches and some if us had vin chaude. Skiid the Retour Charamillion to get back onto the Autannes Chair lift and the did a few runs around this. Finally about 3.30 we skiid out on Caisets to get back to Tour. It was a very fast run down. We all had a great day, each of us had tumbles! Vit was run off a path by a skier. I had trouble in the deep powder off piste: at one stage I recovered from a fall but fell flat on my face again immediately because I hadn’t noticed when I skiid off that I had a ski missing! Relaxing in the apartment now after a lovely bath and the hills are all lit by the evening sun.