Tweets this Week (2009-03-22)

  • Off to see Watchmen at the cinema with the guys from the pub #
  • I’m at Rice Boat – #
  • On my way for a busy day on London. It’s colder than I thought my fingers are a bit numb! #
  • Hmmm, never met up with my colleague at the train station but did get an email from him at 06:40. I wonder where he is? #
  • I’m at The Royal Society Of Chemistry – #
  • Wish I’d bought my sandwich from *Butty Boys* #
  • Walking past Dannys front door at Russel C. #
  • Have £10 ‘borrowed’ from Michael burning a hole in my pocket. What should I spend it on? #
  • The creamy / caramel taste of oolong isn’t for me: but having one just the same for some variety #
  • Ying Wah restaurant at Caxton has an impressive chimney fire. Going to be lots of damage I think. #
  • At Booze on the Ouze, having a pint of Tydd Stream ‘Flatlanders Gold’ – Photo: #
  • Dilemma: the Belgian beer selection is *so* good should I drink this or the lovely local beer? Difference is 3-4% in alcohol. #
  • Lovely pint of Stewart “Copper Cascade”. I love red beers and this is from Loanhead in Midlothian. #
  • Moved to the Belgian beers: I’ve got a Caracole Ambree, which is long and has a huge head, @MikeyCbg has a stylish Verhaeghe Vichtenaar.  #
  • We’ve now been waiting 30 mins for the bus and the lady in front of us has been waiting 45 mins. Rubbish service from the X5. #
  • Roof gone on Ying Wah at Caxton #
  • Ying Wah #
  • Firing up the BBQ: the first of 2009. Feels good to be in the garden cooking food. #
  • It got darker quicker than I thought-it’s not summer yet! #
  • *Booze on the Ouse, St Neots* blog post #
  • Woke up at 4am thinking about processess reviews and outliners…. maybe if I write it all down I can get back to sleep! #
  • *To Kill a Mockingbird* blog post #
  • Michael’s taking me out for a Mothers’ Day lunch, and we’re off to Bicester to pick up his mum too. #
  • I’m at Bicester Golf & Country Club – #
  • *Mothers’ Day Trip to Bicester* blog post #
  • *Free Press devoid of regulars* blog post #

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Booze on the Ouse, St Neots

Had a great day at Booze on the Ouse, this time at St Neots. The bus out wasn’t one of the highlights and I arrived a little bit queazy but sure that the beer would help me recover!


Graham had:

Michael had (mainly half pints of):

  • Potton ‘The Village Bike’

The weather was really superb, and we spent the whole time outside of the (rather dull) Priory Centre, in the full sun with a lovely view over the Ouse. It was quiet outside. The area was nominally the smoking area, but luckily hardly anyone was smoking. All four beers I had were great: the most interesting being the  CaracoleAmbree‘ which was incredibly lively out the bottle, with over half a pint of head. No duffers! The Belgian Beer selection was really good, so I had more foreign beer than I normally would.

Tydd Stream 'Flatlanders Gold' Graham, Booze on the Ouse More Booze on the Ouze

Booze on the Ouze
In the evening we had our first BBQ of the year, which was uplifting! It was dusk by the time we ate our M&S burgers (indoors by then). We shared a bottle of Green King Abbot with dinner to continue the theme of the day. One of the problems of daytime drinking is that you sober up by the evening, which is now for me!


☆ “Butty Boys” even though I didn’t get my sandwich there
☆ London is really close to Cambridge
☆ Help from a great PhD student at UCL
☆ Lots of lovely seaweed snacks



☆ Sun through the blinds at work
☆ Lovely fresh ‘river smell’ this evening on my cycle home
☆ Mobile working
☆ Eating at the Rice Boat, with Michael and his two brothers