Tweets this Week (2009-03-29)

  • Almost at Kings Cross on my way for a day trip to Bristol. Falling asleep and I think that the underground to Paddington might he a shock. #
  • really pleased to be on the train and looking forward to a restful journey to Bristol. #
  • The scrum for the 17:45 was really fearsome. Lucky to get a seat. #
  • Fascinating to watch Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Victorian Feast’. He’s an amazing showman and geek-chef. The pink drink! #
  • Worried that I’m going to get addicted to M&S Hot Cross Loaf. Munch, munch. It’s lovely! #
  • *The Lady in the Van* blog post #
  • *’What to Drink with Dinner’ Wine Tasting* blog post #
  • Just stuffed my kilt, jacket and evening shirt into a bike pannier for this evening. I’m feeling crumpled already. #
  • Home from the party. The kilt worked out well and,unusually, only one person asked me if I was wearing underwear! #
  • Michael brought me bagels with smoked wild pacific salmon for breakfast in bed. The samlon was fantastic. #
  • Got tempted by a dressed crab at the Farmers’ Market #
  • Now a great day, after rain this morning. Having a sit in Jesus Green enjoying the view (with my crab). #
  • Bought some Purslane, and just worked out that it’s a salad leaf, thanks to the web: #
  • Finally tidied the autumn leaves from the garden, hacked back some of the neighbour’s encroaching ivy and had a spring prune. Looks good now #
  • *Clematis in the back garden* blog post #
  • Shoulder of lamb with borlotti beans in the slow cooker with lotsbof garlic and tomato was a great sucess #

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