Tweets this Week (2009-04-26)

  • Looks like the week ahead will be great, looking forward to it! #
  • at Dentist : time for my check up. Fingers crossed all will be ok! #
  • Where did my evening go? One minute it was 7, the next it was 9. #
  • Enjoying dinner in the garden, feels like (a cool) summer’s day. #
  • Hurrah! “If you lead a similar lifestyle next year…you will be £301.26 better off” Change in lifestyle now planned! #
  • Bought iPhone Sudoku Grab: lovely software and I might even have a go at one or two puzzles. #
  • RT @RTaylorUK: Students from Gonville + Caius College Cambridge decorate Trinity Street with paper boats #
  • Enjoying my hot, buttered welsh cakes with milky earl grey tea. #
  • Someone is flying a lovely kite in the sunshine outside my office. Brightened my day. ! #
  • Good choice at the fish market today by getting there at a decent time (early) bought some Arbroath Smokies #
  • At the riverbank lying in the sun, before a swim. Brought lunch too. #
  • The river is 12oC today. #
  • Time to head home. Had an enjoyable 15min swim, lots of other people swimming too today. #
  • Parker’s Piece packed on the sun. #
  • Done all my chores: folded washing, ironed shirts and now stewing rhubarb. Enjoying a rest and a tea in the garden #
  • Tea in the garden better photo! #

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Tweets this Week (2009-04-19)

  • Grrr! Have at least half a dozen shaving cuts from this morning, how does that happen? Just heading out in a bit of a rush! Dab, dab, dab!!! #
  • Trainline tickets arrived today: I saved £30 and upgraded to first class by breaking the Cambridge to Glasgow journey at Peterborough. #
  • I’ve just been given a lovely gift of some Fuding Jasmine Mao Feng from a colleague. Must finish other tea though before I open it! #
  • The insects woke up today: Blargh! Several face-full on the cycle home. #
  • – I didn’t think this photo of the cloud of insects around a pine tree would come our (top right) #
  • Got *Welsh Cakes* for breakfast from M&S, quite exciting: I hope they’re good! #
  • Mmmmm! The Welsh Cakes are delicious–lovely taste of nutmeg. #
  • I love the way Solomon’s Seal grows: shoots straight up with a bud on top and then starts to bend as the bud opens #
  • Don’t you hate loosing things? I can’t find my new, *unused* bright red, swimming cap… #
  • *Lovely day for a swim* blog post #
  • Enjoying the last of the sun in the garden with a Coopers Sparkling Ale, not feeling too wrecked after a day in the dojo. #

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Lovely day for a swim

Lovely sunny day: so I grabbed my wetsuit and headed over for a swim at the Riverbank. The water temperature is up to 11°C (from 7.5°C a couple of weeks ago). There were people there this time, so it made the swim much more enjoyable, and longer. I need to find my new swimming cap though, the cold water on my head doing the crawl was a bit uncomfortable. Lazed in the sun for a bit, but had to cut this short for a generous post-swim lunch.

Newnham Riverbank

Riverbank Wetsuit

Tweets this Week (2009-04-12)

  • Had a fun meal at Geno’s Steaks in South Philadelphia although Wynne and David hated the Birch Beer. #
  • Woken early by a call from the UK and now (half asleep) I’m rather spooked by the online promo for *Innominato* #
  • Following @stilesm but feel in with a bad lot: the only other person he’s following is Jonathan Ross :-p #
  • Trying to get value from my $8 wireless connection at Philidelphia Airport, Looking forward to going home. #
  • Back from Philidelphia-just landed at Heathrow T5. Looking forward to going home. #
  • Had an afternoon jet-lag-busting snooze, now I need some sun and wind (and a good shake) #
  • Bought a big bunch of asparagus from ‘out Barton way’ from the Market. I love the spring! #
  • I didn’t know that Mao Zedong wrote poetry, I guess it’s hard to appreciate in English, the translations are contemplative. #
  • Stalking the cheap fares on the Caledonian sleeper from Crianlarich or Fort William for July #
  • Had my first swim of the season in the Cam: the new wetsuit kept me toasty. #
  • Bit dissapointed with the asparagus from the market—probably forced and a bit lacking in flavour. But, plenty more to come I hope. #
  • at The Cambridge Blue (4 stars): Great real ale pub, having a pint of their own Dew Drop ale #
  • at Cho Mee (4 stars): great place for Asian food. Bought a massive bag of Thai rice, but not the jar of tiny shri… #
  • On our way to Abington Pigotts for lunch at the Pig and Abbott. Cycling from Meldreth train station #
  • Had a *huge* lunch at the Pig and Abbott, we’re groaning now, and have the six mile cycle back to Meldreth. #
  • At the meridian #
  • Cycled to Foxton Station, through some lovely countryside. The station is quaint. #
  • RT @JonSatriani: this is absolutely wonderful (Tweenbot) #
  • I might have a bit of chocolate since it’s Easter—I’ll need to pilfer some off Michael! #
  • Chocolate stock down to one unopened bar—so I’m having a mini hot cross bun to get me in the Easter mood. #
  • RT: @thebookmaven: I’ve signed; won’t you? Petition: #Amazonfail (via @Oleanderman) #

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Tweets this Week (2009-04-05)

  • My new hire wetsuit has arrived from Tri UK. When I manage to get into it I might post a photo. #
  • Hopefully packed enough clothes into a cabin bag to get by for 5 days in the USA. #
  • Wish I was in Heathrow T5, rather than T3, it’s pretty awful in here. #
  • Arrived ok in the USA. Slow immigration queue and i think my colleagues were 30 mins behind me #
  • Enjoying Mick Imlah’s *The Lost Leader* and the enlightening tour through Scottish history, #poetry #
  • The three of us went out for a light lunch and ended up with a huge chinese feast. #

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