Tweets this Week (2009-07-26)

  • Latest Pub News – Pubs closing at rate of 52 a week as hard-up drinkers shun their local (via @GoodPubGuide) in reply to GoodPubGuide #
  • Michael made us a great BBQ, and we had some Oyster Bay Merlot Rosé. Raspberries from Perth were super. Tony and Hannah are visiting. #
  • The blood tranfusion in Psychoville made me feel queazy! Managed to resist the red button and wait a week till next episode. #
  • Pruned the vine in the garden (so we can get in the back door!)—will cook the leaves today, and make dolmades tomorrow. #
  • *Visiting parents in Glasgow* blog post #
  • Finally started writing blog entries from the end of June—if I don’t finish them by the end of this month they’ll never get done (I predict) #
  • I blog less now I twitter 🙁 #
  • Killed my silver birch bonsai this spring & my sister gave me a jack pine kit: is this the tree or a compost weed? #
  • *Ballachulish to pick up boat* blog post #
  • *Sailing from Loch Leven to Mull* blog post #
  • Almost bought an aquarium so I could keep the lovely red crabs and crayfish in the pet shop: bought cat food instead. #
  • Dolmades: 10 mins preparation time actually means takes 90 mins, followed by a mountain of washing up—these better be good. #
  • This reminded me of the blood transfusion in Psychoville I found the caption quite upsetting (from my fav art blog) #
  • Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green were great in Party Monster about the Club Kids/Michael Alig. Good music too. #

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Tweets this Week (2009-07-19)

  • The Case for God by Karen Armstrong (thanks @mikeycbg) I want to read it now too! #
  • Want Twitter replies and DMs sent to your mobile? From 01/08 O2 customers can, FREE. More info at (via @O2) in reply to O2 #
  • Been to osteopath for stiff back—now wishing I hadn’t stopped yoga a few years ago. This has motivated me to have look for yoga classes. #
  • Enjoying the 2008 Menghai “Five Colored Peacock” Raw Pu-erh tea from Nannuo Mountain—best of the samples so far. #
  • I haven’t heard our cat doing this wheedling purr, probably I’m not falling for the crying baby ploy! #
  • Michael brought me home a good clue from the Times Saturday Crossword: “As poet, wasting ink — my decision to include line” (5,9) #
  • I’m an umami monster. #
  • Being followed closely at work: I have an interesting life it seems. #
  • *O2 Money: mobile giant does credit cards* blog post #
  • Pity they missed #cambeerfest Via @cambridge800: Drinkers in Cambridge are being invited to toast the Uni (via @cm4233) in reply to cm4233 #
  • The folly of pretence | Daniel Dennett | Comment is free | The Guardian – (via @MikeyCbg) in reply to MikeyCbg #
  • Too hot and sticky to cook—off to Hong Kong Diner for dinner! #
  • Today’s the day to use my bagoong alamang, this seems a bit crude — #
  • I’ll cook this tonight. I better haves standby in case it’s too much. #
  • Whittards is always out of stock of the teas that I want. What’s the point of going then? The shop assistant moaned as much as I did! #
  • Off to see some Open Studios with Jay and Vit. #
  • at Queens Head, Newton (4 stars): Great lunch — toast and beef dripping #
  • Enjoyed visits to Martha Winters and Robert Good in Open Studios. Tempted by #
  • Had a good nosey around the police helicopter today—impressive! #

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O2 Money: mobile giant does credit cards

Now this is something that I’m interested in: shame you don’t earn any interest when the cash is on the card, but it comes close to e-cash, and much less worry than if your credit cards get nicked.

O2 MoneyO2’s clearly not content with snarfing the the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre. It’s just launched O2 Money, a new service of pre–paid credit cards that it says will help you manage your moolah better. Read on to find out how it reckons O2 Money will make you save those much–needed pennies.

O2 Money isn’t any old credit card. There are two different flavours – Cash Manager and Load and Go. Both are part of a tie–in with NatWest and Visa, letting you top up and spend on the move, without raking up epic levels of debt. Every time you lay out on a latte or snatch a sarnie, you’ll get a text to your O2 mobile telling you just how much you’ve spent.

The Cash Manager O2 Money card is being aimed squarely at those who need to “ring fence” their disposable income. That means you can cram it full with any money you’ve got left over after splashing out on rent and that defunct gym membership and spend until your penniless. Or not if you’re clever with cash.

Load and Go is all about the kids. If you’re 13 or up, you can fill it with up to £150 a month. Fortunately for financially fearful parents, you can’t overspend and there’s no interest involved either.

O2 Money is due to land in mid–August, exclusive to O2 mobile punters.

[From O2 Money: mobile giant does credit cards]

Tweets this Week (2009-07-12)

  • Any recommendations for a good Windows XP Twitter client? I need to expand beyond my MAC lifestyle! Thanks. #
  • Late for the Free Press Book Club: discussing 1984 by George Orwell, ages since I read it but I saw a play lady year: hope that’s enough! #
  • CAMRA sent us 40 coupons for 50p off a pint of ale at Weatherpoons. That’ll make for a happy time—now to find a Weatherspoons that I like! #
  • Note to self—tinned mackerel fillets in tomato sauce. #
  • On our way to Cocum for a south Indian feast. 🙂 #
  • Enjoying the Big Weekend fireworks on Parker’s Piece #
  • Pizza Express was good but not quite as good as I remembered. Had a pizza with brown shrimps, unusual. #
  • The big weekend continues in Cambridge. It’s amazing how far the noise travels. #
  • Trying my 3rd of 7 samples of raw pu-erh from Menghai (this 1 from MengSong mountain). I’m not enjoying the raw teas as much as the ripe. #
  • Manic drumming from the Big Weekend, groan! #
  • Michael brought me home home love-heart confetti, and it’s now sprinkled all around! #
  • Lovely raw Honduran prawns for BBQ (thanks M&S) and some lush 2002 Rolly-Gassmann Gewurztraminer from Alsace. Music from the Big Weekend. #
  • Dhol Foundation sound good-heading over to Parkers Piece to hear them undistorted. Bangra music I think. #

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Tweets this Week (2009-07-05)

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Canna to Tobermory

When Joel went swimming yesterday there were only one or two: this morning there were huge numbers swimming around the boat, following some current or other—quite a sight. There was no swimming this morning.

Jellyfish party

Not much wind at all, so we pretty much motored all the way from Canna to Tobermory in heat haze and flat seas. Damn that high pressure. Autohelm took out some of the tedium and in the end it was a relaxing day. Saw more more dolphins. Nuala did lots of reading and Joel tried some fishing— but not a nibble. In Tobermory, we wandered round to the Mishnish Hotel for a beer and fish and chips, but that was after we all had a hot shower to freshen up. The Fish and chips could have been good but tbd fish batter was a bit oily and soggy. Michael and I took a walk up to the headlands for some wonderful views over the bay. Met Nuala and Joel back in the boat, where we read and played UNO. The mist rolled in off the sea…

Joel, waterproofs Nuala, waterproofs

Fog rolling in, Tobermory