Two Gentleman of Verona

cast2009web.gifThoroughly enjoyed the CAST production of the Two Gentleman of Verona. It was performed this afternoon on the lawn in the Tennis Court Garden of Sidney Sussex College. It was a strong cast, and a well balanced one. Josh Higgott had great comic timing as Lance, a laconic, drunken, Chaplin-esk figure with a good helping of slapstick. Costume was good and in the programme the Production Designer (Siân Docksey) admits to spending much of her time under kilos of face paint—time well spent). Jack Monagham and Joe Bannister made good leads as the two Gentlemen—I could mention all the cast in this way, they were all great.

The production now goes on tour round the USA: glad I had an opportunity to see it before they go. Good luck on tour!

From the ADC Web site:

The scene is Italy: hot, energetic and unrelentingly romantic. Valentine and Proteus are the closest of friends. Valentine leaves Verona to seek his fortune in Milan, where he falls in love with Silvia. Proteus is made by his father to leave his lover Julia and to go to Milan, where he too instantly falls in love with Silvia.

Suddenly an unbreakable friendship and four people’s happiness is threatened by the course of young love running none too smoothly. The meandering journeys of these lovers bring them into contact with several servants, two clowns, three forest-dwelling outlaws and a small dog: Two Gentlemen of Verona is a heart-warming and hilarious story about the universal experience of being young, confused and in love.

Catch this exciting production of Shakespeare’s earliest and funniest comedy in Cambridge before anyone else – previews take place in the beautiful surroundings of Sidney Sussex college, before CAST take it to venues across the Eastern United States as part of their tenth anniversary tour in September. Then, there is a final opportunity to see the company perform the show in October, as Two Gentlemen of Verona kicks off the ADC Theatre’s autumn season.

Stage -Sidney Sussex

Tweets this Week (2009-08-30)

  • Heading over for a night in Southwold at the lovely Swan Hotel, looking forward to the break and the lovely Adnams Beer #
  • Stopped at the Bear Inn near Bury St Edmunds. Enjoyed the beer, but don’t do lunch any more! #
  • People swimming in the sea at Southwold—lovely day. Taken row-boat ferry to Walberswick and a pint at the Bell Inn. #
  • We’re visiting the ship burials at Sutton Hoo #
  • Enjoyed the film version of Nicholas Nickleby—great cast (incl. Jamie Bell), but Charlie Hunnam was much better when he was ‘really doin it’ #
  • The last of the Redheads #
  • Autumn leaves, earlier evenings…. Come back summer 🙁 #
  • The star anise that I put in the slow cooker beef stew has come through more than I thought—interesting flavour! #
  • Really like the new facebook iPhone app, it’s taken a lot from Twitter clients & the threading of replies is better. Lovely app, well done! #
  • Enjoying an aptly-named bottle of Pissotte, a present from Craig and Jenna—it’s tasty! #
  • RT @LDN: The Apple store is the most profitable shop per square foot in London – wow! (via @MikeyCbg) #
  • At Sidney Sussex College to see The Two Gentlemen of Verona before it begins a big tour of the USA #
  • Excellent fun production of the Two Gentlemen of Verona in the gardens of Sidney Sussex College: lots of humour. #
  • *Two Gentleman of Verona* blog post #
  • Michael’s opened a lovely, lovely bottle of Veronese, reflecting on my afternoon at the theatre. #
  • Blissing out to Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on BBC Radio 6. #

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Southwold and Sutton Hoo

Michael and I grabbed a night in Southwold at the lovely Swan Hotel run by Adnams Brewery. It’s a gorgeous hotel, apparently founded 350 years ago. Great dining room and grand, in a laid back way. Our room was huge with a nice view over the red rooftops, facing East. We had a wander down to the beach, in great sunshine, but a bit blowy. There were people in the sea swimming (and screaming lots) and people lying fully clothed on the sand—typical british seaside! Also saw a few ‘lobsters’—sun and wind a dangerous combination.

Beach huts at Southwold Beach at Southwold

We took the ferry—a small rowing boat—across the River Blythe to Walberswick, took about 60 seconds to get across for 80p. We had a little stroll and ended up in the in the Bell Inn, which is a lovely old pub, also run by Adnams. Sat in the windows with a sea breeze wafting in, along with the sun, and a pint of Adnams Bitter. Very relaxing.

Ferry from Walberswick to Southwold

We took the ferry back over the Blythe again and tried to find some whelks for me (failed) and Michael almost had an ice cream, but with the promise of a lovely dinner ahead we managed without and wandered on back to the hotel.

Michael in the dunes, Southwold

Dinner was lovely—brill carpaccio and a sea bass for me; and pressed pork and turbot for Michael. The food is quite fancy and the looked amazing—I loved my samphire and cucumber salad with the sea bass!

Headed out to the Lord Nelson for some more beer—I enjoyed Adnam’s new carbon neutral beer East Green which was on tap, and it was good, but was blown away by the rich, dark, lovely Tally Ho that Michael had, 8%.

On Tuesday we started the day with a stroll to the Pier, and I was kicking myself that I hadn’t brougha twoel and trunks on the walk. There was barely any wind and the sun was out, beach quiet and the sea felt warm to my toes. Normally we come to the seaside in the winter, so I was’t mentally prepared for a sunny, UK seaside. Back in the Swan Hotel, lovely breakfast—had even more fish, in the form of kipper and haddock, before heading out to Sutton Hoo by various ‘B’ roads. After getting through the rather pushy staff trying to sell us membership to the National Trust, we had a wander around the burial mounds (via a viewing platform) and along the circular walk. It was atmospheric being there—I’ve been keen to go for years. The exhibition was good, and it was a good short stop on the way home. Mind you, so was Waitrose at Newmarket!

Tweets this Week (2009-08-23)

  • Pleased to be in Washington DC. It hot and sticky here. Yesterday we were so busy at the ChemSpider booth at #ACS #
  • Going in to see the Darwin Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum—it’s had great reviews. #
  • Really enjoyed the Darwin exhibition at the Fitzwilliam. The first room outlining Darwin’s early influences particularly #
  • Bought a couple of new shirts for work from the Ede & Ravenscroft sale, *must* throw two of the old ones out! #
  • Local review of the Darwin Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum—their busiest ever exhibition. #

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Tweets this Week (2009-08-16)

  • Enjoyed fantastic homegrown raspberries as a pavlova—thanks Sarah & Jason, they were better than those from Perth! #
  • Slow morning today: must have been the late-night beers with our new neighbours—the beer was pretty strong. #
  • Feeling sad after watching Grave of The Fireflies: Japanese animation set in 1945 about the fallout of war. Moving film. #
  • Had dinner and a holiday planning session (with guidebooks) at the Cambridge Blue: lovely Seafarer Cornish beer (and a fish pie!) #
  • *The old man and the sea* blog post #
  • We had to beat a retreat from the kitchen—the scotch bonnet pepper that I flung into dinner is now a caustic cloud, inhabiting the room. Ow! #
  • The scotch bonnet chillis are really aggressive compared with the lovely thai birds-eye chillis. Michael’s still coughing in the kitchen! #

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Laptop Failure

image1853642127.jpgI was having a really good flight to Washington for the ACS meeting, been upgraded to World Traveller Plus, was working on some notes and reading cached email offline. After suspending my laptop so I could eat my dinner the hard drive died. Awful timing—not only do I need the laptop for demonstrations at the exhibition booth, but also for email and accessing our VPN (which is locked to the laptop). Ggrrrr! Hoping that when I get off the flight that a jolt of mains power might bring it back to life. If that fails I’ll give it a good shake (and at least I’ll feel better!). I’ve only lost an hours work, there are no local files, which is a relief. I’ll see how good an iPhone is as a laptop replacement (and I’ll be able to demo ChemMobi!).

Rather drastic, but maybe now’s the time to buy a MacBook Pro?!

The old man and the sea

To counter-act the long book I finished this week, I’ve read a really short one, but it was also a great book. There’s a good entry for it on Wikipedia. Michael read this for the book group and I’d have found it a hard book to discuss for long—there’s a lot of symbolism (probably) and ways you could interpret the story, but I read it an a simple tale, and enjoyed it as that. Hemingway won the nobel prize for literature in 1954 for the novel and its narrative excellence.

“The Old Man and the Sea (Vintage Classics)” (Ernest Hemingway)

Byron: Life and Legend

It’s taken me about five months, but I’ve finally reached the end of Fiona MacCarthy’s excellent biography of Byron. There were some times when I thought I couldn’t read on, but always came back to his fascinating character and story. I was reading this in preparation for reading Don Juan, but I may have a go at Childe Harold instead. But first, I need a byron-break, there are stacks of books piled up over the last five months that I want to read next.

“Byron: Life and Legend” (Fiona MacCarthy)

Tweets this Week (2009-08-09)

  • Can’t quite believe I’m up at 6am for a 12 hour exhibition at the SECC. In danger of falling asleep again if I don’t get out of bed! #
  • So glad to be on the train home to London. Good night out with David in Byers Road in Glasgow. #
  • On the 06:45 from Kings Cross: the sleeper got into Euston an hour earlier than I expected (would have liked another hour in bed mind) #
  • Brought my tea from the sleeper to drink on the train to Cambridge—seems that I’ve brought a wee bit of Scotland with me. #
  • Well done MikeyCbgfoy your distinction in the WSET (wine&spirits) advanced certificate. Well break open something suitable to celebrate! #
  • Had a great day: swam in the river (dodged a few too many punts) & Simon & Peter came round for a BBQ on a lovely warm evening. Relaxing. #
  • The sun is trying to peek out! Come on! #
  • Had a lovely afternoon with Sarah, Jason, Joe and James, including big bubbles in the park after BBQ. Feel a bit sun-burnt now! #
  • *Byron: Life and Legend* blog post #

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Tweets this Week (2009-08-02)

  • *Tobermory to Skye* blog post #
  • *Skye to Canna* blog post #
  • *Canna to Tobermory

    Cannato Tobermory

    Canna to Tobermory* blog post #

  • *Tobermory to Puilladobhrain* blog post #
  • Michael made a lush slow cooker lamb tagine, which we’re having with a great bottle of 1998 Viña Pomal Gran Reserva Rioja (a bit lavish!) #
  • Finished packing for trip to Glasgow tomorrow night: taking kilt so have a huge suitcase (huge compared with what I would normally take) #
  • All tucked up in bed on the sleeper to Glasgow: the bar is about four coaches away and I’m too lazy to go for a whisky. #
  • Approacing Glasgow now, cup of tea arrived a bit too late to have. #
  • Also, I hope your managing a good long lie in bed! #
  • Taking my parents out foor lunch in Cathcart—hope it’s good! #
  • At “Scotmid” with parents. They’re not giving me the cava that I gave them for Xmas, they’re saving it for a “special occasion” Humph! #
  • Barbarossa was lovely: good service and food, and a lovely atmosphere despite there being only three tables—the layout is good for that. #

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