Don Juan

Enjoyed this extract from Don Juan from Canto the First, xxvi—xxvii. It’s a mirror of what Byron’s wife did to Byron before their divorce.

Don José and Donna Inez led
For some time am unhappy sort of life,
Wishing each other, not divorced, but dead;
They lived respectably as man and wife,
Their conduct was exceedingly well-bred,
And gave no outward signs of inward strife,
Until at length the smothered fire broke out,
And put the business past all kind of doubt.

For Inez called some druggists and physicians,
And tried to prove her loving lord was *mad*,
But as he had some lucid intermissions,
She next decided he was only *bad*;
Yet when they asked her for her depositions,
No sort of explanation could be had,
Save that her duty both to man and God,
Required this conduct—which seemed very odd.