Jodhpur is fabulous

image713050625.jpgFeeling really happy to be in Jodhpur. off the beaten track, in a romantic hotel. We’re right under the fort, within the walls of the old city, with great views over the blue city, which is sweltering in the mid-day sun, and on up to the fort. I think the four days will pass rather quickly.

Having a saffron lassi in the shade, toying with the idea of reading more Don Juan—but I feel so far away from a shipwreck story; we’re basically in the middle of a desert. There are big eagles soaring over the city (I think they’re not vultures but I don’t know how to tell the difference—they look to have a white head and grey underwing plumage and perhaps white plumage on top, but look too majestic to be vultures).

Michael’s still under the weather and trying to get over it by a day of rest. I slept really well on the train last night but I don’t think he was so comfortable.

Michael says: I’m well enough to be enjoying the trip but cross that my energy levels are low, so just staying in the shade at our lovely haveli today and hoping that will do the trick. Thanks for the well wishes via facebook.