Tweets this Week (2010-03-29)

  • On our way to London to the BFI IMAX to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. We're lucky to have seats—it was all sold out weeks ago. #
  • Alice in Wonderland was great. Impressed by the IMAX, and the film. I want to be a mad hatter. #
  • Popped into the Devonshire Arms on the way home from the station—lovely pint of Sparta, lightly floral. #
  • Having a second pint at the Devonshire Arms—I feel a bit naughty (it being a Monday night). #
  • Had a lovely visit to John and Andrew's. Heading back home now to meet up with Michael. I fancy dinner out tonight. #
  • Lovely pint of Oakham Citra, very lemony and fresh. Having dinner at the Cambridge Blue—too much beer to choose from! #
  • We're watching our way through the first series of Peep Show on DVD—it makes me cringe so much. Can only cope with one episode at a time. #

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Tweets this Week (2010-03-14)

  • Cocum couldn't find my postcode for the takeaway delivery. They thought 'Sierra' started with a 'C' 🙂 Michael's ill and I'm lazy tonight #
  • Going out tonight to see The History Boys at the Arts Theatre. #
  • Someone swiped our interval drinks at the Arts Theatre—first time that's happened to us. History Boys was great, Posner had a lovely voice. #
  • *History Boys National Tour* blog post #
  • Enjoyed two exhibitions at Somerset House Michaelangelo was really good. Now at Nordic Bakery waiting for O+P #
  • 50 Pence Dyptych best photograph in the Positive Views exhibition, Michael and I concur #
  • Had a lovely evening of eating and drinking with Omar and Peter. Great Vietnamese restaurant, where I got my top-up of kimchi. #
  • Such a relaxing (and boozy) weekend with Omar & Peter. On our way home from Liverpool Street, no trains from KX. #

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History Boys National Tour

Thoroughly enjoyed the History Boys at the Cambridge Arts Theatre on Thursday. It’s on national tour. The acting was uniformly good and James Byng who played Posner was great with a lovely voice and good movement on the stage. The set was used to good effect, with a backdrop of pencil drawing of the school on graph paper, which worked well, and desks tables well well used during scene changes. The choreography and attention to details were good. Low point was having our interval drinks swiped—all that was there was the paper note, no drinks, but the theatre soon replaced them.

Good reviews in the Guardian and in TAB.

hb4.gif hb2.gif

From the Arts Theatre web site:

One of the great plays of the decade, The History Boys is set in a school in the North of England where a boisterous bunch of bright, funny sixth form boys are attempting to gain entrance to Oxford and Cambridge whilst fending off the distractions of sport and sex. In Alan Bennett’s much-loved play, staffroom battles and the anarchy of adolescence provide a rich vein of comedy.

The History Boys opened in May 2004 at the National Theatre to rave reviews and a sell-out run, going on to become one of their biggest ever hits, winning no less than 30 major awards including both Olivier and Tony Awards for Best New Play. In 2005, a film was made with the entire original cast, many of whom have subsequently become household names. This will be the first major revival of the play since the original National Theatre production.

Alan Bennett is one of the most distinctive voices in British theatre. Wry and tender, his impeccably observed plays include: Talking Heads, Single Spies, Enjoy, Habeas Corpus, The Madness of George III and The Lady in the Van.

Tweets this Week (2010-03-09)

  • Very relaxing—listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing the Cole Porter Songbook. #
  • Going to the Footlights at the ADC. Need a laugh, so that's good! #
  • But before we go Michael's pressed a gorgeous glass of Amarone in my hand. So rich! #
  • On third glas of red wine, but made it into ADC for the Footlights. Good atmosphere—here with Barrie, Rob, Jenna, Michael, Jay and Lesley. #
  • Footlights was okay #
  • *Footlights Spring Revue: People Watching* blog post #
  • Now safely en-route to Brussels. Bus from Cambridge to St Pancras 40 min late, left us 5 min to check in—all 28 of us on train (I think!) #

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Footlights Spring Revue: People Watching

9427a659-3893-4661-9b91-bc4867014a08.jpgBarrie arranged tickets for a group of us to go and see the Cambridge Footlights Spring Revue: People Watching. We had a few drinks to get us in the mood, and the atmosphere in the theatre was buzzing. The five cast were good—Will Seaward as an Angel was magnificent and I enjoyed Adam Lawrence’s animated jiggling style, which was very different from What’s Wrong with Angry! The writing wasn’t great—nothing edgy, no barbs, no politics, all quite gentle. A bit too much reliance on shock-words, which bordered on the distasteful. The unscripted errors with the curtain and one of the cast having a fir of giggles were high points. I did like the sketch about making a fishing documentary—where the movie exec was keen to have beautiful mermaids—with legs (and wanted an action thriller rather than a documentary)! Adam Lawrence in a yellow parker was slow motion fishing with his net when he was attached by the two leggy mermaids, slapping him around the face with fish, then Will Seaward entered with a fish mask on, semi naked, and shot him! It was great. There were some genuine laughs, and the Apocalypse theme worked well. Quite a few of the sketches didn’t deliver at the very end—the duck sketch was a great lead up, but failed to follow through.

Cast (from CAMDRAM) Tamara Astor, James Moran, Adam Lawrence, Rachel Scrivener, Will Seaward, Jacob Sharpe

From the ADC Theatre web site: Footlights Spring Revue: People Watching by Ben Ashenden, Mark Fiddaman and Alex Owen

The Heavens have been watching us. God isn’t happy. In fact, he’s so completely fed up that he’s decided enough is enough. Welcome to the sketch show that marries certain doom with reckless levels of funny.

The world-famous student comedy club brings you one of its’ biggest shows of the year. The Footlights Spring Revue is one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated comedy events in Cambridge. It has sold out for the last four years in a row, and People Watching promises to be another smash hit.

All performances of People Watching are now sold out. A limited number of tickets may be available in the box office just before the start of each performance.