Tweets this Week (2010-09-26)

  • Picked the last of our grapes tonight. They get better each year. #
  • ADC is open for the new term! Here to see Wilde in New York with Michael. #
  • Interval drinks—Irish Manhattan cocktails (made with Jamesons whiskey). Good first half of Wilde in New York, both the leads excellent. #
  • Wilde in New York #
  • Having a pint of Elgoods "Indian Summer" in garden at the Maypole. It's warm enough tonight to imagine that it is an Indian Summer. #
  • Cambridge is Britain’s Richest University #
  • Nice night in the Free Press. Everyone very jolly! Must have been the beer. #
  • Thank goodness Williams has finally got a bit of backbone, but wish he'd gone further. Rowan Williams backs gay bishops #
  • New Cycle sat-nav iPhone app developed in Cambridge #
  • Duchy Originals Monmouth Pudding is smelling wonderful in the oven. I have no idea what's in it, or what it's like. Looking forward to it. #
  • Enjoyed the documentary style and shades of apartheid in District 9: ages since I've watched a Sci-Fi film. #
  • Imaginary Numbers #

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Wilde in New York

Start of the new ADC Theatre season with ‘Wilde in New York’. Two one-act plays which were delivered by a strong cast. Andrew P. Steven was excellent in both plays, carrying of the bitchy friend in the first with wonderful veracity. I hope he enjoyed the part as much as he looked like he did.

The first play, inspired by a Picture of Dorian Gray was though-provoking and Robert Jezek was strong in his role. I preferred the first play to the second, which was rather like the scenes in the Cage aux Folles where the family come to visit and the gay couple have to ‘straightened up’ for a visiting relative. Unlike the Cage aux Folles the resolution at the end is much more satisfying. Good humour.

From the ADC web site:

The premiere of two exciting 68aeef03-8681-4b59-a449-2311ba41c5bf.jpg new one act plays inspired by classic Oscar Wilde stories and set in the Big Apple. Smart, sophisticated entertainment combining Wildean wit with plenty of New York attitude.

The Strangeness of Love

Stuart is a painter living with a younger man named Joe. Their first few months together have been blissful, but a visit by a catty friend threatens to destroy it all. Jealousy, insecurity and temptation come to the fore and Stuart and Joe’s relationship may never be the same again. A moving, witty look at the dilemmas of love inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray.

A Bed for the Night

Jack lives with his partner Ernest. So why does he pretend to have a wife named Susanna? And what will Ernest do when he finds out what’s been going on? A sparkling comedy of confused identities inspired by The Importance of Being Earnest.

Featuring a showcase of previously unexhibited portrait paintings by local artist Nicholas James Juett, a member of the Cambridge Arts Movement.

For more information, please visit

Wilde in NY cast photo.jpg

Handed Astrea back at Kastela

Managed a bit of a sail over from Veli Drvenik back to the mainland in fluky, strongly gusting winds. Our dinghy came loose as we headed around the headland into Split Bay. Quite a bit of fast manoeuvring was required before the dinghy was blown onto the cliffs. Michael moored us stern-to in Kastela Marina at Split. Astrea passed the check-in inspection, including having its bottom checked by a diver. Grim job. Met up with the crew from the four remaining S&CA yachts from our flotilla and Kevin arranged a meal for the 20 of us at the “Old Ballet School” in Kastela town. It was a 30min walk around the lovely harbour to get to the large popular restaurant. We had actable for 20 outside in the garden and a good meal, including veal Zagreb, which was a thin veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese in schnitzel style.

I walked back with Barry ahead of the main group, as he was feeling unwell. Had a lovely walk back to the boat in the cool evening air.


Lunch stop at Veli Drvenik

Now stopped for lunch at Mala Luka anchorage on Veli Drvenik, part way towards Split. The motor over (head to wind again) was a bit bumpy so glad of the rest. Lunch is a mélange of leftovers and things out of tins.

Had a swim when we arrived and another just before we left. Those will be the last swims of the holiday.

Krka Falls and Rogoznica

Noisy night last night—the two yachts crewed by Russians had a noisy party singing (rude?) songs in Russian. This was fine until the started chanting choruses with another crew a Ross the Marina, and the singing turned into yelling. Kevin and Michael sorted them out with a few stiff words. Took the 9am ferry from Skradin to the dramatic Krka Falls, along with quite a few crew boats our marina (incl Swiss-cheese boy and the Russians from the next boat after their breakfast of lager). Lovely walk around the falls, which are extensive with amazing clear blue water. Adam and I had a swim in the main pool below the falls, which was lively (and freshwater too). There was an ethnographic display of some old water powered equipment.

Had lunch while motoring back from Skradin. More home made gazpacho and tins of things we now need to up. We’re certainly not starving. Refuelled in Šibenik, 110 litres of diesel! Wind on the nose after we left Šibenik about 2pm so more motoring, with the wine SE, we weren’t too keen on Rogoznica, so popped into Primošten, which was full on the quay and we didn’t fancy bobbing around at anchor as it was a bit choppy. So, motored on to Rogoznica and grabbed a buoy beside the marina. The wind dropped and eveything settled down okay. Michael, Adam and Colin went ashose in the dinghy to buy a meal so we could cook on board. Kevin is under the weather. I made a chicken in red wine and pepper tomato sauce, with basil. Good for leftovers! The tinned peas cooked in packet soup broth were a stylish accompaniment, with pasta stars. Didn’t finish dinner and chatting until 11.

Konoba Toni

Trawl down memory lane at Konoba Tony in Skradin. Out if season it’s almost empty (two other customers!)

Had a massive lamb pelze (or similar) which is lamb cooked in a bell oven with potatoes. Very tasty.