Bordeaux wine tasting at the Gros Franck

A special day today—Jason’s 40th, and we met him and Sarah for a Cambridge Wine Merchants tasting of Bordeaux wines at the Gros Franck. Sarah and Jason speak highly of the restaurant and Michael and I were very keen to try it out. There were forty five people booked in for the tasting, which make for a good atmosphere. The food and wine were superb.

Ben Kennedy was the guest speaker from from Luc Thienpont, who had moved to Bordeaux several years ago after falling in love with the wines. The food was super—the foie gras and duck very nice indeed (but rich). The Petit Tournedos were pretty hefty, and also very nice. For the wines, the Château Bonneau  2006 Haut Medoc was my best wine of the night. Also enjoyed the well-made Château Marjosse 2006 Bordeaux Blanc and the Château des Tours 2006 Ste Croix du Mont desert wine. I found the Puygueraud a bit to harsh and intense—maybe after some laying up it would have been delish. Jason got an extra desert with birthday candles form the lovely owner, Ling-Ling.


Menu for the Big Bordeaux Dinner

Feuillete aux pommes confit et foie gras

Château Marjosse 2006 Bordeaux Blanc

‘Z’ Bordeaux 2008 de Luc Thienpont

Confit de canard au cepes sur roesti

Petit Tournedos Bordelaise gratin Dauphinois

Château Puygueraud 2007 Cotes de France

Château Bonneau 2006 Haut Medoc

Plateau de fromages au lait crue

Château Tayac Plaisance 2008 Margaux

Panacotta a la poire carame’lise at sa meringue au cafe

Sabayon aux pommes at cannelle et sa glace Margaux

Château des Tours 2006 Ste Croix du Mont