Curry Hinton

Fun night tasting wine at Cambridge Wine Merchants in Cherry Hinton, matching wine with curry. The wine was from Cambridge Wine and the curry was from Inder’s Kitchen, a Cambridge-based internet delivery service.

We tried the following wines:
Nibbles: Riesling goes well with the spicy “shredded wheat and rice crispies”. Mont Rocher doesn’t work. The curry spices flattened the Pinot Gris.
The food started with Spiced cumin potato cake: The Pinot Gris went very nice and accented the coriander and spices. The Riesling overpowered it. I also liked the Mont Rocher with this. It had forward fruit, quite light and pretty smoky in flavour. Goes well with potato cake, which was smokey with the cumin.

Lamb Rogan Josh: Carignan and Rielsing work well. The lamb makes the Pinot Gris seem rather bitter.

Lovely vegetables in creamy sauce. Goes well with the Riesling.  Ok with the Mont Rocher. Pinot Gris, not the best.

Inder’s Home Style Chicken Curry with Mustard Seeds. South indian dish packed with lovely whole spices invl. star anise and dried chilli., a lovely smoky sauce. Beautiful with the Hugel Gentil, which accentuates the flavours. The carignan went well with the chicken with the stronger spice of hot peppers.

Rice spiced with cardamon: The Pinot Gris went well with the spiced rice (which apparently is dead easy to make according to Inder, just add the pods)

At the end of out tasting I think there a difference between spiced and curry-spiced? The Riesling was the most versatile, but the Pinot Gris went really well with non-chilli spiced foods, like the cumin cake. All the wines were good matches for some of the food, so not a clear picture. The food was lovely, so looking forward to trying some of that when we get a chance.

We followed with a  couple of glasses of Madeira: Bual and Malmsey. Both similar, Malmsey much sweeter. Bual drier that I expected. Lots of dried fruit but a bit linctus! Bit treacley, compared with the sweeter Malmsey which is lighter (surprisingly).

"Curry Hinton" tonight at Cambridge Wine Merchants in Cherry Hinton. Matching wine with curry!